Hi, It’s Me, Araix Rand. I am marketing consultant and guy behind this website.

My mission of this blog is to help individuals start and grow their online business in a specific niche. I started freelancing in 2015 and also side hustling on affiliate marketing business. I have failed many time and gained lots of knowledge on online marketing.

My Story

I was born and lived my childhood in the small village of Bihar state of India, I come to Kolkata for higher education when I was 15 since than I am living here. My dream was to become a physicist as I love mathematics and physics but after 3 years of going to school in the city, I lost my interest in pursuit of my career. The same year I started working as customer care exclusive in a call center that was my first job and I was 18. I show many people working with me has Bi-tech degree which I was dreaming to get. Later that year in 2013 I drop out of my school and bought a laptop thinking I will find a new career. I was very interested in ethical hacking and programming but it didn’t fit me well.

In 2014 I found internet marketing and created my own first website on products review to make money through affiliate marketing. I was not good at writing that day so I was not making any money but later in 2015 I meet other people making living with Freelancing, so I started freelancing on website and Fiverr. Now I am no longer working on the freelance website but directly with my clients on web design and marketing.

Years in Timeline:

1994: I was born
2009: Moved to the city (Kolkata)
2012: Got First Job
2013: Dropout of school and in search of a new career
2015: Freelancing
2018: Blogger

Since 2014 I am working online as 10 hours a day and I have learned a lot on entrepreneurship. I am introvert and I don’t have any friends, I spend roughly 80% of my time learning, searching and never affair of trying new things. The Internet has changed my life and It is my source of information, the way of doing business and communication technology which allow me to work with my client around the world. I have learned so many think from entrepreneurship to philosophy and everything in between. I am so proud to born in this time and journey of my life.

My Future Goal

My goal from this blog is to share my knowledge, help individuals to start their online business and live their life, the life of freedom and passion.

Write articles on Araix University
Write Ebook on Marketing and Online business
Make YouTube video
Create my online course

Beside from online marketing and business, my goal is to start my philosophy blog on my personal website where I will share my knowledge of philosophy.

Thank you for reading I hope my story and future goal motivated you to change your life and become a better version of your self.