Hi, This is Araix Rand I am Blogger and freelancer.

My Mission

My mission from this blog is to help individuals start and grow their online business in a specific niche. My blog focuses on direct marketing, affiliate marketing and launching your own info product.

My Philosophy

In today world starting your own business is like being sold to investors. Here is how: You got an idea, seek funding, build the product, seek funding (round abcd) then start mass media advertising and hope that you will have profitable exist. I reject that kind way of doing a business. Here is mine: Start your own blog, share ideas, build audiences, sell an info product, bootstrap your business, don’t do IPO, focus on long-term instead of profitable exist. Now you must be thinking what about retirement and making money while sleep. That not my blog is about. I believe true entrepreneurs are those who take a risk on their own solder to create something extraordinary. Those are not true entrepreneurs who sold out to investors and become profit sucking machines. My philosophy is If you wanna be happy then seek fulfillment instead of a retainment plan and shortcut way to success. And, life fulfillment comes from doing actual work, not from restlessness.

My Biography

I was born and grown up in the small village of Bihar state of India. I come to Kolkata for higher education when I was 15 since than I am living here. My dream was to become a physicist as I love mathematics and physics. But, after 3 years of going to school in the city. I lost my interest in the pursuit of my career. The same year I started working as customer care exclusive in a call center. That was my first job and I was 18.

I saw people working with me had a Bi-tech degree. The degree I was dreaming to have one day. Later that year in 2013 I drop out of my school. I bought a laptop thinking I will find a new career. I was interested in learning ethical hacking and programming but it didn’t fit me well. In 2014 I created my first website about Amazon products review to make money through affiliate marketing. After one year of trying I didn’t make any money at all. Later in 2015 I meet a freelancer who was making good money. I thought to give a try. I started freelancing on website freelancer.com and Fiverr. Since January 2018 I am a full-time blogger. I am an introvert. I spend must of my free time learning, searching, and thinking. The Internet has changed my life. It is my source of information, the way of doing business, and communication technology which allowed me to work with my client around the world. Besides online marketing, I also write about philosophy on my personal blog araixrand.com.


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I express my opinion openly. I do my best to provide relevant and practical content only for educational purposes. My content may contain errors, not complete information, and not accurate. Please do your own research, I take no responsibility for your action and wrongdoing.

Thank you
Araix Rand