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This is Araix Rand. I am a Blogger and Internet Marketer. I write about marketing, online business and philosophy. I help individuals to start and grow their online business in a specific niche. There is one question at the core of my blog I always ask my readers;

What if Google block your website and all of your social media accounts got suspended how will you run your online business?

The answer is simple: Build a direct relationship with your audience. Yes, it is not easy to build a direct relationship with your audience without social media and search engine. This is what I do as a blogger, I help people like you to build a direct relationship with their audience via direct marketing channel. I am not saying you shouldn’t use social media, what I am saying is treat social media as someone else land. And, You know building business on someone else land is a dangerous idea.

A quick intro about me:

I am a full-time blogger. Before blogging I was freelancing on web design and PPC Marketing. I am working online as a solopreneur since 2015. Read more here

I publish articles on my blog ones every week. I also have YouTube channel about marketing and online business. My website is all about helping people like you to succeed with the online business.

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Our core topics.

Direct Marketing

It is a medium of marketing in which you reach out to your audience directly through email, postcard, cold call, SMS etc. Direct Marketing is the most effective and low-cost marketing channel. This is the only marketing channel where you have low competition and opportunities to build a relationship with your audience.

Affiliate Marketing

Selling is the only profession which does require you to have a qualification or any college degree. Affiliate Marketing is a great way to monetize your effort. Everyone is selling something ether it is a product, idea, or affiliated product/services etc. Affiliate marketing will work great if you learn the art of influence and selling.

Content Marketing

The key difference between an entrepreneur and wantrepreneur is: entrepreneur produce content and wantrepreneur consume content. Wanna position your self as an expert, reach your targeted audiences, influence, teach your audience etc then start creating content.

Become Infopreneur

So, You have a dream to build your own business. Selling Info product online is a great way to start. It is very easy to start selling your own info product then selling product/services by starting your own business. You can write articles, videos or anything which help you build your own audiences. This is a low-cost way to start a business. Of course, it is 100x better than pitching your idea to investor and end up selling your all ownership.

Here is Road Map for Online Business Success

Marketing Research

Rocket launch burns more fuel at the beginning than any other point. Same way you should start putting your time and energy at beginning of your business journey. So you can test your target market, understand your audience desire and most important is to position yourself in buyer hungry niche. You will thanks future of yourself If you market before you build your product/service. Create anticipation and pre-sold your idea or product before it is made.
  • Marketing Research Niche
  • Marketing Positioning Run Survey
  • Understand your Audience Emotion
  • Collect Pre-order or Lead to test your market
  • Run Crowd-funding Campaign
  • Webinar Marketing

Build Online Business

Forget about Investor, VC or any funding source to build your online business. Your customer is your investor, start from small and build it Big. You don’t need to be perfect at the starting point, launch your beta version of your product and start generating leads, building following, creating movements and of course make money along the way.
  • Choose Your Brand Name
  • Branding Strategies for Your Online Business
  • Website Design hack

Market Your Product/Services

Buying media is competitive and more expensive in long run. Your brand, product/services itself is your marketing vehicle. Position your business or yourself an expert. Build movement instead of building another advertising campaign.

  • Direct Marketing Approach
  • Build Marketing Funnels
  • Content Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • SEO Strategies
  • PPC Marketing and Retrafgeting

Growth Hack Your Success

Be Productive, Work on your business, not in your business. Leverage your business with other. Use technology and automate your work as you can. I know you love your work. Is it will not be better if you focus on what matter must?
  • Outsource your Tasks
  • Build Teams
  • Productivity Hack

Go Beyond

This is the part no one want to talk about. Well, this blog is about marketing and online business. But, I am not going to leave you there. Now It is time to go beyond. Financially secure your business to grow faster and faster.
  • Get USA Paypal and Stripe Account
  • Set up Offshore Business
  • Get Second Citizenship
  • Become Nomad and Travel the World
  • Become Invisible (Privacy Guide)

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