How to Build list using Incentives method

How to build list using Incentives method

If you’re looking for a way to increase your subscriptions and to grow your list, then one of the most effective options is to incentivize your sign-ups. This essentially means offering some kind of gift, free product, or another incentive that will encourage people to join the list. In other words, you are now providing extra value in exchange for the e-mail address of the subscriber.

Here are five examples of incentives you can use:

eBooks are perhaps the most common incentives as they cost nothing to produce. If you are also selling eBooks yourself, then this can provide an excellent opportunity to give a ‘free taste’ that will make people want to buy.

A report is like an eBook but considerably shorter. This makes it cheaper for you to produce and avoids people signing up who are just tempted by the idea of a free book.

If your site has a members’ area or has interactive features, then this will give you an ideal opportunity to gain more subscribers. You can make this all the more tempting by using the right language ‘VIP lounge’ or ‘Exclusive Members’ Club’ for instance.

Prize Draw
A great way to offer lots of value without spending lots of money is to create a ‘prize draw’ for your product. This means that you’ll be entering all your subscribers into a prize draw in exchange for their e-mails. The more valuable the gift you award, the more subscribers you’ll get. Better yet, subscribers will have to read the e-mails in order to see if they’ve won!

Another great strategy is to make the newsletter itself into an incentive. You do this by providing some genuinely interesting and different information that just isn’t available elsewhere and by selling it as an ‘eZine’ or ‘newsletter’ rather than a mailing list.