How to Generate Leads with Guest Posts

Lead generation

Guest posting is the process of getting blog posts published on external blogs, usually in exchange for free promotion. Most often, this technique is used by bloggers for SEO purposes: they exchange the blog posts for a link back to their website and this then acts as a ‘referral’ in the eyes of Google and helps them to rank more highly.
But guest posting isn’t only useful for SEO. It can also be useful for directly building your mailing list. Read on to see how this works…

Guest Posts With Opt-In Forms

If you use your autoresponder in order to create an opt-in form, then it should look just like a block of code that you can copy and paste to embed wherever you want. This means it can easily be added to the end of a blog post rather than a link to your website.

This in turn creates the perfect scenario for you. If you have managed to get your blog post onto a very big and popular website, then that post will be seen by potentially thousands of people overnight. These people will then get to see an example of the kind of value and information you provide. If they’re impressed, they’ll likely sign up.
What’s more, is that this type of guest post also acts as a type of ‘testimonial’.

If the visitors of that website trust the blogger who owns it and really enjoys their content, then they will be inclined to trust guest bloggers on their website as well. The assumption will be that you’ll provide a similar level of quality and as such, their fans can quickly become your fans as well.

Don’t go straight for the big fish though: start small and build your way up and you can reliably grow your list quickly.