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iThemes Security – Protect Your WordPress website


Scan your Wordpress website from malicious code and protect from Brute-Force attack

If you have a WordPress website or blog (Self-hosted) then your website is going to receive many spam comments, malicious attack, the brute force attack etc. That is because WordPress is open source and very popular CMS. Many hackers and spammer trying to find vulnerabilities in WordPress source code.

Ithemes security is a WordPress security plugin which is very effective for scanning your website to find malicious code. Itheme security plugin compiles with latest security issue. The plugin also comes with other features which are very helpful if you want to give your WordPress website extra security.

iThemes Security - Protect Your WordPress website

iThemes Security WordPress Plugin Dashboard. Source: iTheme Blog


iThemes Security Features:

  1. WordPress Brute Force Protection
  2. File Change Detection
  3. 404 Detection
  4. Strong Password Enforcement
  5. Lock Out Bad Users
  6. Away Mode
  7. Hide Login & Admin
  8. Database Backups
  9. Email Notifications


  • Free for Lifetime on WordPress Directory
  • Premium: $80 (One year of support and plugin updates, for 2 Sites)

Best Alternative WordPress Security Plugin:

Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan

Wordfence WordPress security plugin is the best choice if your website is facing lots of attack and security is the main concern for you. Because Wordfence has many security features, in my opinion, it also slows down your website performance.

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