Toolkit For FB by PlugEx Facebook Automation Bot

Toolkit For FB by PlugEx * Free Download – Facebook Bot

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A Facebook Bot to help you bulk manage your Task on Facebook. It is a browser extension and safe to use.

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Toolkit For FB by PlugEx is a freemium Browser extension available for Chrome Browser. Basically, you can bulk manage your Facebook account and do all the things you can do manually. Using Toolkit For FB by PlugEx browser extension you can boost your productivity. For instance, you can like and comment on Your Facebook Feed, send a friend request, unfriend, invite a Facebook page to your friends, etc.

Toolkit For FB by PlugEx Facebook Automation Tool

Toolkit For FB by PlugEx Features

  1. Like Posts on Page (Feeds, Page, Someone timeline)
  2. Accept and reject friends request
  3. Add new friends and unfriends
  4. Comment and Share Other people posts
  5. Delete all comments from your Facebook account
  6. Download Facebook videos
  7. Send a message to your all friends
  8. Post contact on Multiple Facebook Group
  9. Like and unlike multiple Facebook Pages
  10. Backup Facebook Friends list, Groups, Page like
  11. Follow and unfollow multiple Facebook Pages
  12. Claim Facebook Group Admin (If group admin is not available)
  13. Much much more



  1. (I have never tried this but saw YouTube videos that look legit extensions that work.) Premium with 5 days free trial.


  • Free Forever with limited access to the features
  • Premium: $14 per year, You can also subscribe for a premium extension on the Google Chrome store


Download Toolkit For FB by PlugEx from Chrome Store (Extension is removed from Google chrome store but you can still download it using the above Download button. I can’t guarantee if this will work or not)

9 reviews for Toolkit For FB by PlugEx * Free Download - Facebook Bot


    I need this setting



  3. Victoria Black

    Hi, I’d like to add some update! Nowadays many people look for this toolkit and find it unavailable. You can try other browser extensions like Cucomm, for example (it’s got a free version, either). It’s pretty new. It helps you to send multiple messages or automatically add friends on Facebook. And it works for me just fine, no problem there.

  4. Abeye Dessie


  5. Minal

    any other extension that allows message to all friends?

    • Araix Rand

      I don’t know if there are any safe tools to do that. But, there is a way: Simply create an Event on Facebook with your message and invite your all friends to join the event.

  6. Mainul Hossain

    can find app in chrome store

    • Araix Rand

      It has been removed by the devlopper.

  7. Zia

    You create new account

  8. dipen

    not upload in chrome extensions

  9. Araix Rand

    The best part of this Chrome Browser extension is that you have full control over your automation. You can set limitations and target your task for automation more specifically.

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