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      How to Sell Digital Goods Securely through Google Drive 3Araix Rand

      I come to this conclusion that;

      How should I host file on Google Drive and sell it through Woocommerce WordPress plugin without letting the buyer know my Google Drive URL?

      Why I was trying to hide Google Drive file download URL? That is because of security and I want them to download the file directly instead of on viewing them through Google Drive.

      When you send a visitor to Google Drive page to download a file then they will first view those file. For example, a PDF file is readable through Google drive without downloading. That creates many problems.

      • Your file can be reshared
      • You look unprofessional
      • They may not download your file after viewing
      • They comment on your file publicly which can be read by other visitor
      • and so on

      How could You sell your digital goods without looking unprofessional and giving them unsecure URL?

      This post will answer your question.

      Note: This is a forum post because it is a technical blog post. My blog araixuniversity is an internet marketing blog You can learn more about marketing and online business from my blog.

      Step 1:

      Get Google Drive Direct Download Link

      I am not kidding you can have direct download URL for your Google Drive file. It is a very easy process.

      First get your shareable URL for your file. For Example, it will look like this (First URL)

      1gu1x8AFgYewjrWVvRCIJ7ftEN1GQGG3m is File ID.

      Convert your normal file URL into this format:<ID>&export=download

      Replace<ID> with your File ID

      And after that, it will look like this: (Second URL)

      When you visit the second URL, a pdf file will be automatically downloaded to your computer without any extra click.


      Step 2:

      Install URL Clocking WordPress Plugin

      URL clocking or affiliate URL management plugin is the same thing. Here is the first step, you have to install any WordPress plugin with this functionalities. I will recommend Thirsty Affiliates WordPress Plugin. I use this plugin on my website and it does a great job at clocking your affiliate link and managing it like a pro.

      Now create a new affiliate link:

      Install URL Clocking WordPress Plugin

      Put the second URL into Destination URL column and click Save button.

      You can also go to Plugin setting to change the look of your URL. For example by default Thirsty Affiliate URL will look like<name> to<name>.

      Final clocked URL will look like this


      Step 3:

      WooCommerce Integration with Google Drive

      This is the last step. Go to your Product section in your WordPress Dashboard, Click on Edit and scroll down to the Product Data section. Select Simple Product and Downloadable option. After that click on Add file and put your final clocked URL.

      WooCommerce Integration with Google Drive

      Now update your Woocommerce product. That is it. You have just integrated Woocommerce plugin with Google drive to deliver a digital file to your buyer or anyone without causing any problem.

      You can use the same clocked URL in other ways to deliver your file securely. I am using the same process with a giveaway product and when I am selling a digital product.

      How is your online business going?

      Are you selling a product or a building list? Take a look at my ebook on List Building Secret. This will change the way to build an email list and run your online business.

      Until now, See you later.



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