Thirsty Affiliates Cloak Affiliate Links in WordPress

Thirsty Affiliates: Handle Affiliate Links on WordPress Effortlessly


Thirsty Affiliates is a WordPress tool designed for easy management and tracking. It easily manages affiliate links without any headaches. It can improve the affiliate marketing strategy for websites.

Thirsty Affiliates is a tool for WordPress that is created for managing and tracking affiliate links. It makes it easy for WordPress site owners to add and organize affiliate links. This also gives tools to track and control those links. Affiliate marketers who want to make it easier to add and track affiliate links to their websites will find this tool very useful.

In general, A tool that efficiently manages affiliate links to enhance the affiliate marketing strategies and all.

Thirsty Affiliates Cloak Affiliate Links in WordPress

Thirsty Affiliates Features:

  • Link Cloaking: It offers affiliate links with user-friendly URLs that enhance click-through rates and maintain site credibility.
  • Link Organization: It manages affiliate links efficiently, making it simpler to track and update them as needed.
  • Integration with URL Shortening Services: It integrates with popular URL shortening services for further customization and branding of affiliate links.
  • Automatic Keyword Linking: It allows automated affiliate links based on specified keywords throughout the website content.
  • Detailed Reporting: it offers complete reports on link performance, clicks, and conversions to refine and optimize affiliate marketing strategies for better outcomes.
  • Customizable Redirect Types: It offers various redirection types (301, 302, or 307) for affiliate links based on specific needs.
  • Geolocation Redirects: It offers audiences based on their location by setting up retargeted redirects for affiliate links.
  • Link Cloning and Shortening: It offers to clone existing affiliate links and create shortened versions effortlessly.
  • CSV Import/Export: It easily imports or exports affiliate links in bulk using CSV files for efficient management.
  • Advanced Add-ons: It offers additional functionalities and enhancements through compatible add-ons, such as auto-linking keywords, Amazon integration, and more.
  • No-Follow Links: It controls the SEO value of affiliate links by adding ‘no-follow’ attributes to manage search engines.
  • Backup and Restore: It creates backups of affiliate links and settings to ensure data security and easy restoration.
  • Compatibility and Integration: It offers seamless integration with various WordPress themes.
  • Link Management Automation: It schedules link activation or expiration dates. It also allows automatic management of promotional campaigns.

Thirsty Affiliates Pricing:

  • Basic Plan: $99 per year
  • Plus Plan: $149.60 per year
  • Advanced Plan: $199.60 per year

Thirsty Affiliates Alternatives:

  • Pretty Links: A popular WordPress-based platform that shortens, tracks, and manages affiliate links. It also offers features like link cloaking, redirection types, and tracking.
  • AffiliateWP: A popular platform that offers primarily affiliate marketing, link tracking, referral management, and integrates tools for WordPress.
  • Easy Affiliate Links: A Platform that allows users to manage, track, and shorten affiliate links with features like categorization, link cloaking, and customization options.
  • Amazon Associates: A Platform that specifically offers Amazon affiliates, to search, insert, and manage Amazon products directly from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Thrive Ultimatum: A Platform that offers countdown timers and scarcity features for promotions. It also creates urgency around affiliate offers on WordPress sites.
  • AdSanity: A Platform that is primarily an ad management tool, this can be used to manage affiliate links, providing tracking and reporting features for performance analysis.


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