How the Fiverr Affiliate Program is the Best Choice for Affiliate Marketers

Fiverr Affiliate Program is the Best Choice for Affiliate Marketers

Written by Araix Rand

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The Amazon associate program is the #1 affiliate program and go to choice for bloggers and content creators online. Amazon pays their affiliates a small commission on each sales generated by a buyer after clicking the affiliate tracking link. It has a 72-hour cookie’s duration. That means Amazon affiliates get paid when buyers make any purchase within 72 hours of clicking the links. Just like that, Fiverr Affiliate Program has big untapped opportunities, and it’s growing.

Amazon is the biggest ecommerce site in the words with millions of good available on their website. Affiliates can choose to promote any products listed on Amazon and make commissions on each sales. This makes the Amazon associate program the best choice for content creators and influencers.

Just like Amazon, Fiverr is a popular freelancer service marketplace with millions of services (gigs) listed on their website. Imagine being an affiliate marketer with access to all kinds of offers in any niche. You can promote services listed on Fiverr alongside other offers without annoying your audience. That is because Fiverr is known for offering low-cost digital service in various niches with upfront simple pricing.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace. Freelancers list their service as a gig on Fiverr with pricing. Entrepreneurs, business owners or any individual can hire freelancers and order their services. There are many Freelancer marketplaces available online, like Fiverr, one of popular and alternative freelancer marketplace is Upwork.

Freelancer on Fiverr offer their services at a low cost and this is also why Fiverr is popular. Must have freelancers are from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, and many other developing countries. That is why Freelancers can afford to offer services at cheap prices.

Buyers on Fiverr can purchase service (hire freelancer) like ordering any products online. Buyers pay what they see on the service page. No hidden cost or hourly rate charged by the freelancer, they offer only project basis pricing for their services.

For example, if you are promoting a sports related good for consumers, then why not find Fiverr gigs related to sports like coaching services. Primarily, the Freelancer marketplace consists of B2B services, but on Fiverr you can find B2C services too.

As I compared the Amazon associate program with the Fiverr Affiliate program, there are ups and downs of Fiverr affiliate programs.

There are ups and downs of Fiverr affiliate programs

Fiverr Affiliate Program Upside

  • Easy entry: Anyone can join the Fiverr affiliate program. There are no spacial requirements or approval process. You can show any online presence like blog or social media and apply for an affiliate account. Furthermore, there is no active account or hidden cost associated with the Fiverr affiliate program. But the same couldn’t be said for Amazon. If you don’t generate any affiliate commission in 90 days period, then your Amazon associate account will be suspended. But this is not the case for the Fiverr affiliate program.
  • High commission: Fiverr affiliate program pays from $15 to $150 CPA commission on First time buyers, depending on services categories. Imaging making $50 commission even if your audience (referred buyer) purchases $5 worth of services. Fiverr affiliate also has a hybrid commission plan which offers affiliate commission of $10 CPA and 10% commissions on all purchase for the first year.
  • Bonus program: Fiverr runs a generous bonus program each month for completing a milestone. For example, make 5 FTB (First time buyer) sales and get a $350 bonus. This way, affiliate marketers can make extra commission by just achieving the small milestone.
  • Second tier affiliate commission: You can promote the Fiverr affiliate program itself and make commission. You can invite other affiliate marketers to signup for the Fiverr affiliate program using your links. If they join, they will become your subaffiliate. Whenever they make commissions, you make commission without any extra effort. Do once and reap the benefits for life. As of now, the Fiverr affiliate program pays 5% commission on each sales generated by your subaffiliate.

Fiverr Affiliate Program Downside

  • Only commission on First time buyers: Fiverr only pay you commissions if new buyers join Fiverr from your affiliate links. Any Fiverr users who have account with Fiverr click on your link and make a purchase, then you won’t make commissions. But the Amazon associate program pays affiliate commission on sales from existing and new Amazon users.

This is a big downside you have to consider when promoting Fiverr. Make sure to focus on reaching out to an audience who have never purchased or heard of Fiverr. This could be easy when you are doing paid advertisement on social media. You can exclude Fiverr keywords and interest from ads targeting. There is one positive side of this is that creating a seller account on Fiverr requires lots of verification, but creating a buyer account is super easy, and it requires only an email address.

Final thoughts

Promoting other people’s services using the Fiverr Affiliates Program can deliver an extra commission if you are already an affiliate marketer. You can also benefit as you put time and effort into promoting the affiliate links. You can start a website that lists Fiverr gigs and use SEO to get traffic, this way you make even more money. There is an online course program that comes with a software bundle, It is called Fiverr Profit Builder. By signing up for this course program, you can learn a lot about promoting the Fiverr Affiliate program using SEO and make money in long terms.

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