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If you want to make money selling gigs online then Fiverr is best place to start as it has low bar for entry. Anyone can signup for Fiverr account and start selling digital services and make money. Besides selling gigs you can take advantage of Fiverr talents at low cost. You as entrepreneur can try your new business idea with the help of Fiverr freelancer. Fiverr has best buyer protection (entrepreneur) policy and tools to hire talents easily.

Fiverr has grown into a major player into freelance world. You can hire all kinds of freelancer from anywhere in the world. If you have task or things to do that can be done digital then look at Fiverr there might be a gigs on your preferred task.

You can hire freelancer at low cost that can do your job professionally doing so you can save money and time. Let’s say you make $30 per hour in your profession and there is a task that you want to do personally like filling tax form. Why do it yourself if you can hire a freelancer who can do your tax filling at below your hourly rate. So if your freelancer can do the same task for $20 per hour then you are saving your time and $10 each hour by just hiring a freelancer. This is called outsourcing low value tasks.

Now let’s talk about hiring good freelancer and strangle you might face

Due to low bar for entry freelance marketplace Fiverr also has unskilled freelancers and fraudulent Fiverr sellers (freelancer). You have to be little careful as a buyer (who want to outsource work) to make sure you don’t end up working with unskilled freelancer who will take lots of your time and won’t deliver work as you expected. Here are few tips to help you hire good Freelancer:

1. Don’t hire too cheap

Freelancer offering services that are too cheap are too good to be true and it is true. You don’t choose freelancer just by looking at there pricing.

2. Ignore Fiverr reviews

There are freelancer with hundreds of five star reviews. You just don’t select freelancer by just looking at their review. Try looking at their gig description and portfolio. And, contact them before placing a order. Freelancer gig review play a big role on Fiverr ranking but that doesn’t mean that freelancer will be good for you.

3. Bad English and communication

Communication is key part of working or working remotely. This is why you must contact freelancer before hiring. Good communication will lead you to better understand from each side and you will know what to expect. There are lots of freelancer on Fiverr with terrible English. Make sure to avoid them.

4. Revision

Some work require revision some doesn’t. Make sure that if your work require revision then freelancer do offer free revision. Also revision take lots of time. It will be better if you clear freelancer on what you want exactly so there won’t be room for revision. Good freelancer will always ask you lots of questions before quoting a price for their services.

5. Fiverr Support is there for you

Fiverr support lean towards buyer as buyer is the one spending money on their website. So you don’t have to worry about Freelancer don’t delivering your work and running away with your money. There are restrictions and support placed to make sure both buyer and seller are Happy at the end of the project (order). If there is any issue with your work then first communicate with your freelancer. If freelancer doesn’t do job as both of your agreed then contact Fiverr support they will respond to your support ticket within few hours.

Good luck in hiring your freelancer.

Fiverr Coupon Code

Now let me tell how you can save 20% on your first order on Fiverr. Fiverr is always running promotional campaign to attract new buyers on their platform.

Unfortunately Fiverr doesn’t give coupon code publically. You either have to signup for Fiverr account using a Fiverr user refferal link or you try my method.

Go to Fiverr using my link and sign up for a free account. You only need email address for creating new account. If you are short on email address then try to setup new email address in a minute.

After that you have to wait for few days then Fiverr will start sending you coupon code. Some coupon code will be personalized to your account some are for all first time buyer. As of now Fiverr is running promotional campaign for first time buyer try “GET20MORE” coupon code to get 20% off. You can enter this coupon code on Fiverr Cart page.

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