paydesk The best way to find, hire and pay a freelance journalist Find the best way to hire an expert freelance journalist, fixer, translator and pay.


Hire an Expert freelance journalist, fixer, and translator for 100% free with World famous free tool for businesses to get professional freelancers.

Save your time to find skilled freelancers. is a 100% free platform, that help business owner find expert freelancer, fixers, translators, and other professionals from all over the world. It also connects journalists and media professionals with freelance journalists, fixers, translators, and other media-related professionals worldwide. Moreover, It makes the process easier for media projects to hire people and work together. Business owners can find and work with skilled workers and content makers in various places around the world.

Paydesk Find journalist Features:

For Journalists, Fixers, and Translators:  

  • Profile Creation: Freelancers and professionals can create detailed profiles showcasing their skills, experience, languages spoken, and portfolios.
  • Job Board: Freelancers can look through and apply for different jobs, gigs, or projects listed by clients or media organizations on a job board.
  • Global Network: Freelancers can connect with clients all over the world through a global network of media experts.
  • Direct messaging: Get an excellent access tool for talking to potential clients, discussing terms, and going over project details.
  • Payment Processing: The platform handles the payments area. So that every professional or freelancer gets paid well.
  • Feedback and Ratings: This platform helps to get feedback and ratings from clients for the freelancers.

For Media Organizations and Clients:

  • Job Posting: Get facilities to post jobs in detail according to the requirement.
  • Browse Profiles: browse freelancers profile, analyse their experience and skills before making hiring decisions.
  • Communication Tools: Message and talk to the clients before making the decisions of the hiring process.  Know the skills and experience of them properly.
  • Location: Get expert freelancers from different part of the work. set a specific location to get a freelancer for your work. Pricing: is an 100% free platform, where you can find and explore Expert freelancers for your projects. However, you can post jobs as well in detail to Alternatives: 

  • Upworkis a vast freelance marketplace that provides access to a variety of freelancers.
  • Toptal: Get freelancers for the fields like development, design, finance, and more. Post jobs with the requirement.
  • MediaBistroGet Media personnel, including correspondents, writers, editors.


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