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f.lux: Adjust Screen Color Temperature for Better Sleep


F.lux is an online software that optimizes your screen’s color temperature. It also reduces the blue light exposure at night for better sleep. Experience a more restful and relaxed sleep cycle by adjusting your display’s color.

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F.lux is a software that is designed to adjust the blue light that reflects from your device screen to protect your eyes. Its main goal is to reduce the amount of blue light, especially in the evening and night hours. It offers automated features to set the blue light percentage according to the time of the day. However, it will help you to sleep better and get a healthy lifestyle to be productive in life. It can be a partner of yours that will help you to reduce the blue light from the screen especially at night time before going to bed.

Get F.lux. Your Eyes Will Thank You

F.lux Features:

  • Automatic Color Adjustment: it offers dynamic features to your device screen’s color temperature throughout the day, reducing blue light in the evenings to get a  better sleep at night.
  • Customizable Settings: It allows you to customize the color temperature according to your preferences and specific needs.
  • Sunrise and Sunset Simulation: it depends on the sunrise and sunset to make changes on your screen.
  • Location-Based Settings: It can adjust settings based on your geographical location and local sunset timing.
  • Pause Functionality: It allows you an option to temporarily disable color-sensitive work or specific tasks.
  • Low Impact on System Resources: It runs efficiently in the background without significantly impacting device performance.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: It is available in different types of operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile applications.
  • Transition Speed Control: It helps to adjust the speed to take control of your device’s screen.
  • Preview Mode: It offers a preview of color temperature changes before applying them, ensuring the adjustments align with individual comfort levels or not.
  • Multiple Profiles: It allows you to create different profiles or settings for various activities or environments, such as gaming, reading, or working.
  • Color Effects: It reduces the color temperature like blue light, warmer tones, or specific color adjustments for a personalized viewing experience.
  • Scheduling: It enables users to schedule color temperature adjustments based on specific times or activities, Darkroom Mode: it provides an option for extremely low color temperatures, ideal for late-night work in dimly lit environments without disrupting sleep patterns.
  • Smart Integration: It is Integrated with smart lighting systems or external devices to synchronize screen color changes with ambient lighting.
  • Color Effects Preview: It offers a real-time preview of how different color effects and temperatures.

F.lux Pricing:

First 10 devices = $20, However, additional 11+ Devices = $10

F.lux Alternatives:

  • Twilight: A platform that is available for Android devices to adjust screen color based on the time of day. It also reduces blue light to promote better sleep.
  • Redshift: A platform that is similar to F.lux, that adjusts the color temperature of your screen based on location and time. It is available for Linux, Windows, and macOS.
  • SunsetScreen: A software that will allow you to gradually adjust screen color and brightness to reduce blue light.
  • Night Shift (iOS) / Night Mode (Android): A platform that is more capable in mobile operating systems. This automatically adjusts the screen color temperature to reduce blue light reflection during the evening hours.


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