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Best Writing Software available on Multiple devices, Organize your content in one pale, work offline


Scrivener is most have writing tool and papular amoung fictional writer. I found Scrivener as a very useful tool for writing contents  (blog, ebook and tutorial scripts) as a blogger. I think anyone who is looking to have a writing tool with powerful features like taking note at the same time writing and organizing content inside a folder. I am using Scrivener writing software from 2017, before Scrivener I was using MS Words. I simply love Scrivener and I will recommend all content producer give a try.


Scrivener Features

  1. Organize your content in one place
  2. Auto-save and backups
  3. Easy to access your content
  4. Familiar Text Editing: Just like any other word processor (MS Word or Google Docs)
  5. Formatting Presets: Make text look bigger, small, inside a blockquote etc
  6. Import your content from any other sources using word documents, plain text file
  7. Corkboard: Plan your content with writing on the card
  8. Outliner: Write additional summarise and reorganize your content easily
  9. Templates and Icons: Make your Scrivener content look better
  10. View Documents Side by Side while writing at the same time
  11. Full-Screen Writing: Don’t be disturbed again
  12. Export your content in PDF, Docx etc
  13. Take Snapshots of your writing
  14. Available on Multiple devices

Scrivener unites everything you need to write


  1. 30 Days free trial
  2. 45$ Online time payment for Windows or Mac OS
  3. 75$ Bundles Offer for both OS
  4. 19.99 for iOS
  5. FREE for Linux User


  1. Google Docs
  2. Microsoft Words
  3. Zoho Writer
  4. Evernote


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