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LastPass – Your Personal Vault and Password Manager

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The best Productivity tool to save your time on remembering any website login info and other small details. You can manage your password and login on any website easily with high security to protect your information.

It is hard to remember all of your account passwords, like email password, social media account password, FTP password etc, etc. The list is endless. Best security of your account is only possible if you use a unique password for each account. You can generate a unique password for each account and save it on the secure cloud right from your web browser.

LastPass is the best Password Manager for keeping your all password in one place, secure and easy to access. You can use LastPass on multiple devices. It is cloud-based and auto syncs on multiple devices.

LastPass Features:

  1. Available on Multiple Device (PC, MAC, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera and Microsoft Edge)
  2. Strong Encryption
  3. Generate strong passwords
  4. Share Your Passwords effortlessly
  5. LastPass Authenticator
  6. Emergency access to the vault
  7. Advanced multi-factor options
  8. Store Digital File (PDF and Images)
  9. Get Alert on Data breach of any website in your vault
  10. Store Password, Forums Fills, Credit card, and Note.
Best Password Manager LastPass

LastPass Vault Screenshot, Source: LastPass Blog


  • Free for Lifetime
  • Premium: 2$ Per month (For an individual, Billed annually), Also available for family and business

Password Manager Alternative:

  • Bitwarden: Bitwarden is now my password manager that I am happy to use in my daily personal and professional life.
  • KeePass (Free and Open source) store your password offline using strong encryption.
  • 1Password: (Freemium) The best alternative.

1 review for LastPass - Your Personal Vault and Password Manager

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    Araix Rand

    After LastPass data breaches in 2017, I decided to never use LastPass in my life. I have started using open source password manager such as Bitwarden. LastPass data breaches happened multiple times. At this point I don’t think anyone should use Lastpass, period.

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