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Gumroad – Creator Platform to Sell Digital Products Online

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Start selling your digital products online. No need for a website and marketing software. Gumroad has all the features you need to start selling digital good online with easy.

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Gumroad is a marketplace and e-commerce platform where creators (Blogger, YouTube etc) sell their products and services online. Using Gumroad you can sell anything you want, like digital products, digital services, and physical product. Gumroad has built-in features you need to sales products or services to your fans directly.

I have used Gumroad for selling my ebook. It is of course 100x better than PayPal direct checkout. Your buyer can use credit/debit card and PayPal to make a purchase. You can also charge a one-time fee and monthly or yearly subscription fee to your customer. After the purchase of your product, you will receive a notification email. Gumroad will pay out your earning balance the first week of every month through PayPal or direct deposit. Sign up for a free Gumroad account here.

If you are planning to sell something online try Gumroad first and you will be amazed by the features they provide.

Below is the list of awesome features:

Gumroad Features

  1. Sell Goods (Digital and Physical)
  2. Membership Subscription: You can sell service and charge your clients monthly or yearly subscription fee
  3. Pre-orders: Receive pre-order for your upcoming product
  4. Your Personal Profile products page is a place where all of your products and services can be seen
  5. Embed Gumroad cart anywhere on your website
  6. Social media share button
  7. Partner with an Affiliate marketer to start getting extra sales: affiliate commission will be paid through Gumroad automatically upon sales
  8. Analytics of your account and products/services
  9. Receive Payment and simple checkout process
  10. Store your digital products in the cloud
  11. Marketplace: Gumroad discovery feature will bring you more sales
  12. Setup automated email through Gumroad: Upsell and send email updates to your buyers


  • Free for life with limited access (Payment Processing Fee: 5%)
  • Premium: $10 Per month (Payment Processing Fee: 3.5% + 30¢ per charge)
  • Sales that come through Gumroad Marketplace are subject to an additional 10% fee.

Gumroad Pricing


  • Sellfy (Premium, 14 Free trials available): E-commerce platform your creator to sell digital products
  • Payhip (Free, Payment processing fee 5%): Sell digital products on your blog. The best alternative to Gumroad.

1 review for Gumroad - Creator Platform to Sell Digital Products Online

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    Araix Rand

    Gumroad platform fees are higher compared to other similar platform. Also after Gumroad platform redesign, it’s hard to get traffic and sales. If you have skills or money to setup your own checkout system on your website then sell directly from your website.

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