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The Best Twitter Marketing Tool to follow and unfollow in bulk. Mass follow Twitter is an open-source and free Chrome Extension Twitter Bot. It will help you to follow and unfollow Twitter user at large number automatically faster. The Mass follows Twitter Automation Tool will automatically scroll the Twitter page and do the task as per the chosen setting. You can follow someone else follower, following, Twitter users on the search result, a Twitter list member, users who liked a tweet and retweeted. You have to keep your Browser tab active to run the browser extension effectively. My advice will be to use a different web browser if you want to work at the same time instead of working on a different browser tab.

In the world of social media, where engagement is key, tools that streamline and automate processes are indispensable. One such tool that has caught my attention recently is the Mass follow Twitter, an open-source, free Chrome Extension Twitter Bot. This ingenious tool has completely transformed my Twitter engagement process by allowing me to follow and unfollow Twitter users in large numbers, automatically and swiftly. The extension works by automatically scrolling through your Twitter page, executing tasks based on your chosen settings.

Whether you want to follow someone else’s followers, people from a Twitter list, users who have liked a tweet, or those who retweeted, Mass follow Twitter has got you covered. This feature has allowed me to connect with relevant users and expand my network efficiently.

However, to use the extension effectively, your browser tab needs to be active. I recommend using a separate browser for this task if you’re planning to work simultaneously on something else.

The Mass Follow function comes with several handy trigger settings including “Wait,” “Limit,” “Skip followed,” “Profile image required,” “Skip protected profiles,” “Skip followers,” “Bio required,” and “Blacklist.” These settings give me the control to customize the extension’s performance according to my specific needs.

Similarly, the Mass Unfollow feature also offers trigger settings like “Wait,” “Days followed,” “Limit,” “Skip followers,” “Skip Verified,” and “Blacklist.” This helps in maintaining an optimum follower-following ratio without spending hours unfollowing users manually.

Mass follow Twitter has been a game-changer for my Twitter engagement strategy. Its automation capabilities have not only saved me time but have also improved my engagement levels by connecting me with relevant users. If you’re looking to boost your Twitter game and manage your follower interactions more efficiently, I highly recommend giving this extension a try.


Mass follow Twitter Features:

  1. Mass Follow (Trigger Setting: Wait, Limit, Skip followed, Profile image required, Skip protected profiles, Skip follower, Bio required, Blacklist)
  2. Mass Unfollow (Trigger Setting: Wait, Days followed, Limit, Skip follower, Skip Verified, Blacklist)

Mass Follow Twitter



  • Free (Open source)


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    Araix Rand

    Mass follow for Twitter is simple and easy to use Chrome extension which can help you automate Twitter follow and unfollow process. You can also like Twitter Tweet, Retweet in bulk. It is a free and effective way to gain Twitter followers by following and unfollowing. Here is a direct link to the chrome store:

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