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Mass follow Twitter is open source and free Chrome Extension Twitter Bot. It will help you to follow and unfollow Twitter user at large number automatically faster. The Mass follows Twitter Automation Tool will automatically scroll twitter page and do the task as per chosen setting. You can follow someone else follower, following, Twitter users on the search result, a Twitter list member, users who liked a tweet and retweeted.

You have to keep your Browser tab active in order to run browser extension effectively. My advice will be to use a different web browser if you want to work at the same time instead of working on a different browser tab.


Mass follow Twitter Features:

  1. Mass Follow (Trigger Setting: Wait, Limit, Skip followed, Profile image required, Skip protected profiles, Skip follower, Bio required, Blacklist)
  2. Mass Unfollow (Trigger Setting: Wait, Days followed, Limit, Skip follower, Skip Verified, Blacklist)

Mass Follow Twitter



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