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Myblogguest: Write as a Ghost Writer and Earn Money Effectively


MyBlogGuest is a wonderful Platform for connecting with bloggers and guest authors. It is mostly used by content creators and professors.

MyBlogGuest is a digital platform that connects bloggers and guest authors for collaboration.  It simplified the process of guest blogging by enabling authors to submit their material for publishing on other sites, promoting networking, and increasing visibility.  Writers showcased their expertise and collections, covering a wide range of specialized areas such as technology, lifestyle, and fashion.

In General, a platform for writers to share their content with a wider audience by offering to write guest posts for other blogs.

Guest blogging: Looking for guest bloggers or guest post? MyBlogGuest

MyBlogGuest Features:

  • Guest Blogging Hub: this platform is like a hub. Where bloggers and guest authors get in touch with each other so they can work together on material.
  • Networking Platform: It allows writers to network with blog owners and editors for guest posting opportunities.
  • Niche Diversity: It allows writers from different fields to connect and collaborate.
  • Content Showcasing: It Provides a space for writers to showcase portfolios and skills to attract collaboration offers.
  • User-Friendly Interface: It offers a dashboard for easy profile management, content submission, and communication.
  • Quality Control: Establish standards to make sure that both content writers and marketers always have high-quality work or not.
  • Collaboration Opportunities: It also offers facilities to debate or discuss between writers and blog owners/editors for potential collaboration beyond guest posts.
  • Content Discovery Tools: It offers tools to help writers discover relevant topics, trending themes, or areas where their expertise could be valuable.
  • Community Engagement: It provides a discussion space for writers and bloggers to interact, share insights, and seek advice.
  • Content Promotion: promote your published content to improve online visibility through social media platforms.
  • Educational Resources: It offers resources, guides, or tutorials on effective guest blogging, content creation, SEO practices, and other related topics to support writers’ development and growth.


Myblogguest Pricing

MyBlogGuest Pricing:

It charges nothing to start ($0)

MyBlogGuest Alternatives:

  • GuestPost: A platform that connects writers with blogs seeking guest posts. Moreover, it also allows users to browse opportunities and submit content.
  • BloggerLinkUp: A Platform that connects blogs that are looking for guest writers and writers who are looking for guest writing possibilities.
  • PostJoint: A platform that connects advertisers and bloggers. It also offers a marketplace for guest posting and content collaboration
  • BlogDash: It provides a database for bloggers and influencers for brands seeking collaborations, including guest posting opportunities.


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