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Sniply – Drive Traffic From Other People Website

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Traffic hijacker tool to get extra traffic when you share other people website

Sniply is URL shortener plus clicks hijacking tool. You can use Sniply to short a website URL and share on social media to drive traffic to your website. This how it works; You create a call to action button using Sniply then select this button at the time of URL shortening. Sniply will embed other website using an iframe and inject your call to action on the page.

Social media marketer use these tactics to drive traffic from other people website through sharing a link on social media. You will also have a dashboard where you can manage link and see the performance.

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sniply analytics and marketing tool to boost your conversion

Sniply Features

  1. Put Responsive call to action button on the webpage
  2. Manage Link from Dashboard
  3. See Your shared link performance: A analytics dashboard
  4. Monitor Conversion rate: It is not just about driving traffic. You can exactly see which link get you more sales
  5. Custom branding: Use your own colour and style
  6. Conversion Optimization: Run A/B test and install a retargeting pixel for remarketing
  7. Browser Extension to shortcut to process to short linking
  8. Integrate with a social media management tool and others


  • The plan starts at 25$ per month (yearly subscription)
  • Free trial available¬†forever with limited access: 1000 clicks per month



I haven’t found any website which offers the same services as Sniply. I recently signed up for to test their services and found really stupid. Well, put an adult banner ad on my all links.


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1 review for Sniply - Drive Traffic From Other People Website

  1. Araix Rand

    If you are a social media influencer or marketer then you might like this tool. It is basically Bitly like URL shortener. But, has features which can help you get more traffic from other people content you share on social media.

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