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Analyze keyword, internal link, external link and website ranking on any web page with detailed SEO info

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SeoQuake is browser extension available on Chrome, Opera and Firefox which you can use to check any web page SEO parameters, On-page keyword, web link and other important links (Whois, Web archive record, and social signal) within one click. This is the best SEO tool for a website owner and blogger to diagnose on page SEO. You can use SeoQuake to see Alexa ranking, the number of search engine cache etc.


SeoQuake Features:

  1. Conduct on-page SEO audit in a flash
  2. Examine internal and external links
  3. Compare domains and URLs in real time
  4. Export all data into a file
  5. SEObar: Top bar with detailed SEO information
  6. SEO Dashboard: See SEO details of any web page with one click.
  7. SERP overlay on Search engine result page: SEO details on Google, Bing and Yahoo search result
  8. Vast Data: Get social signal, multiple search engine cache, and backlink data
  9. Keyword Analysis: Analyze keyword on any web page and outgoing link
  10. Export: Export SEO details and top search engine search result on any keywords in excel sheet

SeoQuake SEO Tool and Keyword Analyzer


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