SurveyMonkey Free Online Survey Tool

Surveymonkey: Enhance Data-driven Decisions With Ai-powered Surveys, Quizzes, and Polls


SurveyMonkey is an outstanding online survey development cloud-based software powered by AI. It allows you to create surveys and quizzes. And distribute them through email, social media, or embedding on websites.

SurveyMonkey is an online survey development cloud-based software as a service. It lets you make polls, surveys, and quizzes to get data and ideas from people who answer them. you can design custom surveys with different kinds of questions, and send them out using email, social media, or adding them on websites. To get the result use built-in tools. Businesses, organizations, researchers, and regular people all use SurveyMonkey to get feedback, study the market, and make decisions based on data.

SurveyMonkey Free Online Survey Tool

SurveyMonkey Features:

  • Survey Building: Easy-to-use tool to make surveys with different kinds of questions (like multiple choice, open-ended, rating scales, and more).
  • Templates: It creates designed templates for different types of surveys. This saves lots of our time in making surveys.
  • Customization: it offers personalized surveys with logos, colors, and themes to match a company’s or individual’s style.
  • Distribution: It offers multiple options to send surveys through email, social media, websites, or sharing direct links.
  • Response Collection: Real-time response tracking and monitoring. Allows each of its users to look at the response separately.
  • Data Analysis: an outstanding tool to analyze data, generate reports, and visualize results through graphs and charts.
  • Collaboration: It offers collaboration work on surveys, sharing, and editing among team members.
  • Integration: this tool has been Integrated with many programs and apps, including Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Google Sheets, and more.
  • Security: protect your data with a high level of security.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Surveys are also designed for mobile devices to make it easy for people.  fill out the surveys from your phones and laptops.

SurveyMonkey Pricing:

Team Plans:

  • Team Advantage Plan: $18.58 per month
  • Team Premier Plan: $45.55 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Not disclosed (Contact via official webpage)

Individual Plans:  

  • Premier Annual: $59.92 per month
  • Advantage Annual: $23.96 per month
  • Standard Monthly: $10.78 per month

SurveyMonkey Alternatives:

  • Typeform: It is also as same as SurveyMonkey which design surveys and offers a conversational format that engages peoples.
  • Zoho Survey: It offers a range of survey templates and customization options for businesses of all sizes.
  • Formstack: it also allows users to create forms and surveys easily


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