6 Video Marketing Tips and Tools to Boost Your Traffic

Video marketing tips and tools

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Video marketing is fast gaining massive popularity. And there are more and more marketers these days making effective use of this form of marketing for driving engagement with digital audiences.

Businesses looking to engage more audience, generate leads, and boost brand awareness should definitely go for video marketing. This is one platform that provides users with long-term and various advantages.

But this requires having a good grasp on the right way of practicing this form of marketing. You have probably thought about and even created your video content marketing plan. Now what?

Are you all prepared to make videos that will help you build a forceful reputation, a reputation that is way ahead of your competitors?

Video marketing tips and tools will help you with this context. Let’s dive in straight!

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1. Come Up with an Interesting Story

Beginners in video marketing should work on keeping their stories compelling. Viewers always want something different. So, using the same content that’s already there on your site and adding a few shots here and there will probably not bring you any result.

Videos, specifically brand videos, give you more freedom in comparison to other marketing methods for displaying business values to the potential clients. You must try and grab the scope where you get to show another side of your business value that does not always get noticed in your standard marketing format.

The story you decide to put forward to your audience should be inspiring and compelling. It must show humanity in the finest form. Wonderful feelings compiled well in a video will definitely have people associating with your products and services.

2. Focus on the Target Audience

You must focus on the target audience if you are really looking to grab their attention. For this, you will have to work on understanding their preferences and requirements. It is also necessary for you to determine the channels they are using for watching videos and the types of videos they prefer.

Furthermore, if you fully understand the requirements and the preferences of the target audience, it will help you in connecting with them and in boosting better results for your business.

3. Create an Interesting and Engaging Thumbnail

The thumbnail and title of a video are the very first things that the viewers look out for when they browse across the internet. The thumbnail is the representation of what a video is all about. It refers to the main content of the video.

Hence, it is necessary that the thumbnail and the title of a marketing video are relevant and interesting. Remember, the more interested the viewers are in the thumbnail and title of your video, the more likely they are to click on your video.

So, make sure that your thumbnail gets them excited about the video even before it starts playing. Preferably, the thumbnail should be a shot from the video, and it must include interesting images as a teaser to keep the viewers watching.

Avoid fooling the audience by using fake images. Also, make sure that there is good human interaction and more close-up faces in the thumbnail. This will have a major effect on the emotions of the viewers.

Avoid using motion-filled and blurry shots because thumbnails also represent the quality of a video.

4. Come to the Point in 10 Seconds or Less

So, you have worked hard and come up with a 4-minute video. Still, it is not getting the type of attention you were hoping for. But why? Your award-winning and potentially attractive videos are worth nothing if you can’t hook the attention of the viewers within the first 5 to 10 seconds.

Yes, you got it right. As per video marketing statistics, the attention span of internet users these days is very short, all thanks to their busy work schedules. In fact, the majority of the viewers are on to the next video on the internet if they do not find anything interesting in the first 10 seconds of a video.

For this, the only thing you will have to work on is answering the question, “Why should I watch this video?” from the viewer’s perspective.

5. Create Buzz on the Social Media Platforms

Your video marketing campaign should have its focus on different video-sharing channels such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. That’s because the majority of internet users these days spend most of their time on these platforms. So, all these channels are a goldmine for brand promotion.

What you need to work on is posting top-quality videos regularly and engaging with the audience to build a strong brand presence. You must also pay attention to optimizing the use of hashtags on social media platforms and tags on YouTube. This way, your content will become all the more searchable.

Also, try reaching out to influencers and other well-known brands to promote content. They will promote your brand in exchange for something you may give them in return.

6. Create Different Varieties of Videos

There are different types of videos that go well with the audience. Varied videos serve varied roles in a business marketing plan. The best types of videos that you can create are explainer videos, live-streaming videos, instructional videos, and gated videos.

Explainer videos explain your business to the prospects. Through these videos, you can let your potential customers know how your products and services can solve their problems. Live-streaming videos will have the customers engaging with your brand easily.

Then there are how-to or instructional videos that guide the audiences on the right way of using a certain product or service. The customers will learn about your expertise through these videos, and they will trust your detailed knowledge of the products and services. This way, they will get good help in the decision-making procedure.


To sum up, there is nothing more expanding as a channel for marketing your brand online than video marketing. Besides coming up with a highly exhaustive strategy for video marketing, another factor is that you will have to implement the same in the right way.

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