How to Create Audience Engaging Content That Drives Results

Audience-Engaging Content Strategies

Written by Raul Harman

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You may be reluctant to change your current content marketing strategy since you think it is working for you but what ultimately matters are the results. If there is no increase in sales, you would have to take a different approach. 

Naturally, before you decide to implement any changes, you would first have to do some research to find the optimal solution. Here are some suggestions to help you develop a strategic perspective to your content in order to boost your overall performance.

Learn what your audience likes

Gone are the days of audiences passively receiving marketing messages because users lose interest in such passive methods quickly. They want to be intrigued, moved and engaged by the content they come to touch with and to be able to provide them with such a customer experience, you first need to learn more about your audience.

Google Analytics is one of the most reliable tools in this regard since it provides you with valuable data on the traffic on your website which also tells the story of which content draws them in the most. You can also learn where the website visitors live so you can add specific cultural references to your content which would influence your customer retention.

Optimize the content structure

Now that you have an idea about what messages might work best with your target audience, you need to think in terms of how you structurally organize them. No matter how creative, a chaotic post will make many users give up on it even before starting to read it. With that in mind, one crucial element which is often overlooked is the semantic structure of the content.

Content writers sometimes disregard H2-H3 subheadings forgetting that an orderly visual representation of content can greatly influence the bounce rate. A trick you can try is to phrase them in the form of a question because people will subconsciously pause to think about the answer. For instance, you make H2 into a question, while H3 can announce a clickable list of answers to that question. This means that you first intrigue them and then allow them to explore by a few simple clicks. 

Incorporate animated content

User cringe at the thought of annoying loud auto-play videos but value silent ones which do not disrupt their search but instead complement it. Also, keep in mind that content-wise, you have just a few seconds to grab their attention before they scroll down or click the little x-sign in the corner. 

What you can do to improve user experience is to add animated content, such as brief instructions on different topics related to your products. The instructions would provide entertainment and entice them to further explore your webpage until they decide to order something. If the content is engaging and if you have Shopify experts take care of your e-commerce platform with razor-sharp attention to detail, customer conversion is guaranteed. If engrossing content goes hand in hand with a customer-friendly purchase procedure, the only result could be a success.

Include a chatbot

No matter how much effort you put in organizing your website so as to be concise, the users still might need help to navigate it to get to the right content. This may be because its structure still needs a bit tweaking or simply because they don’t have time to search section after subsection for a specific piece of information.

This is where a smart chatbot comes in handy since it can direct them towards the right content almost momentarily and even suggest actions if the website visitor seems lost. By aiding your audience reach content easily, you will make sure they have enough time and will to read through it. There are free online solutions for implementing a chatbot, which can also give your email marketing strategy a boost.

Consider blogging 

Although blog posts as a content format may not seem particularly engaging, their effect on the audience is astonishing. Providing your customer with entertaining and educational blog posts gives out an impression that you don’t only care about sales but their experience on your website and your brand. Getting different experts to give out advice on topics related to your line of business could deepen that impression, so you should consider guest blogging.

As for the content itself, to keep their attention, strive to make the paragraphs short so as to avoid the feeling of the text being cramped. Too much text will make your customers feel like they are wasting their time which is why it is essential for it to be visually balanced. Another catch is that you have to hook them with the style. If your business niche allows it, you can try peppering your posts with a bit of humour to see whether your audience will react positively to it.

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Content which will engage contemporary audience needs to leverage, first and foremost, on the knowledge about their likes and dislikes. To retain them, the users need to be able to find the relevant information quickly, and for maximum effect, the format should be versatile. If you dedicate some time to planning your content strategy, you are bound to see changes in your target audience profile as well as enhance the customer base.

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