How to Laser Target Your Website Visitors with Facebook Ads

Retargeting website visitors with Facebook Ads

Written by Rae Steinbach

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Facebook offers some of the best advertising opportunities available today. When you advertise on Facebook, you have a large and diverse user base that offers you the ability to target your audience with precision while using customized ads to deliver the right message to the targeted audience.

With custom audiences, you have one of the most effective ways to target your ads. Using custom audiences, you can target your existing contacts using phone numbers and emails, you can target people who have engaged with your page on Facebook, and you can also use the Facebook Pixel to target people who have visited your website.

One way that you can use the Facebook Pixel with custom audiences is to target based on referral traffic. That means you can target them based on how they came to your site. Did they come from Google or a different search engine? Did they come to your site from Instagram? Maybe they found your site on Pinterest. 

This option offers you the ability to target another precise audience and deliver ads that are specific to their needs. Read on to learn how you can create custom audiences based on referral traffic.

Filter Referral Traffic

The simplest way to do this is to set up a filter from Facebook Analytics. From your Facebook Analytics page, click the button for Add Filter. After that, click Create New Filter and go to had matching web parameters and then select Referral Domain and then add the referrer domain you want to target for. Once you have it set up, you just need to save the filter so your pixel will start tracking that activity.

How To Target Traffic With Your Ads on Facebook
Inbound Marketing funnels – Source:

It might take some time for the filter to compile a large enough audience, but this can be an effective way to target audiences based on how they came to be on your site. That said, this method might not work for everyone. If you tried these steps and cannot get the filter to work, you can input the code manually.

Altering the Pixel Code

When you set up your Facebook Pixel, the site provides you with the code you need to paste into the header code of your website. With this method, you will need to alter the pixel code that you add to your website.

If you look at the base code for your Facebook Pixel, you would see this line in the code: fbq(‘track’, ‘PageView’);

Directly after ‘PageView’ but before the parenthesis, you need to add the following code: , {
referrer: document.referrer}

Once you have added the code, Facebook should start tracking the referrer for every page on your website. 

set up your Facebook Pixel
Facebook Retargeting Pixel code – Source:

To create your custom audience, you would select the option for PageView when creating a custom audience from your website traffic. After that, you need to select the URL/Parameter under the Refine by option. From there, click the dropdown for URL and select referrer. Finally, you can select contains and input the URL of the referrer you wish to create an audience for.

This can be a little complicated, but it is a way to create a valuable audience for your Facebook marketing campaigns. If you are looking for an easier way to do this, you could consider adding a Facebook Pixel Manager plugin to your website. There are several plugins that make it easier to work with the pixel and create custom events for your ad campaigns. 

Creating custom audiences gives you the opportunity to optimize your targeting and boost the success of your Facebook ads. Use the tips above to format your Facebook Pixel and begin reaching the right audiences today. 

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