How Content Marketing can Help Your Business Grow Faster

How To Use Content Marketing

Written by Avani Shah

Avani Shah is a Marketing Manager at TemplateTrip. She is a resident of India. Avani is also experienced in Prestashop Responsive Themes, WordPress E-commerce Themes, Mega Shop Woocommerce Responsive Theme. She also likes to share her thoughts, on SEO, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Development.

Digital marketing is essential to connect to any company’s customers – and technology has created many more opportunities to reach customers online. Therefore, it has become an umbrella term under which there are many other elements.

PPC advertising is usually a very popular form of digital marketing; whether through paid search, social media or remarketing. PPC Marketing can be very effective and efficient, but there is another aspect of Digital Marketing Trends that cannot be ignored – content marketing.

Content marketing means create and share valuable free content to attract and change prospects. Medium blog, social media post, podcast, video, etc. It’s usually educational or informative about your industry or products, so you create a sense of trust between yourself and your prospects to do business with you.

1. A major column of SEO

Google receives more than 64,000 searches per/second on any given day. Every search is a chance to research your product with a company’s targeted product consumer, or search for you systematically. The more content you are producing, especially with the elements of search engine optimization, you are getting more opportunities in front of relevant searches.

Whether they are searching for a particular product, or just looking for more information about something related to your product or service if they find your website in a search engine and it is in them they attach to them – they are now connecting to your brand and you are more likely to buy from you.

2. Get and Follow Fans

Social media has emerged as a way for people to connect with friends and family, but more than that. In the modern social media environment, there is a new type of social media relationship, whether it is effective or following a brand – user account that they are not individually connected, but they are still interested in the content posted.

By posting in interesting, provocative content, you will help in finding followers on your brand’s social media accounts. By mixing promotional materials with organic materials, you get the chance to sell your products and services in the market.

3. Supply your payment ad

Your content marketing strategy can also be included in paid advertising. Whether it is a copy of a photo or video or text ad in Facebook ads, the quality of the content is going to influence whether they click on the ad or not. Apart from this, the content that comes after advertising is also important. You can use advertising to attract customers’ attention and take people to your site, but when they arrive there, the more attractive your content becomes; the more likely it is that they change.

In the world of digital advertising, consumers are constantly being bombarded with advertisements, and sometimes people are not always like being sold. Content marketing provides you with the opportunity to connect with your targeted consumer honestly and build relationships to turn them into lifetime customers.

A diverse strategy of digital marketing is essential and will be different for each company but valuable content cannot be produced. Find the best medium for your industry and prepare your strategy for what you see, and you will grow your business.

4. Create a Content Calendar

Creating a content calendar is a great hack for strategic success. A content calendar is a shareable resource that all people in your marketing team can use and use for a content marketing plan. It also provides a visual demonstration of how and how your content will be distributed throughout the year. This effort will help you to produce a continuous flow of content, which in turn will help to support your overall marketing goals.

5. Divide your audience to really know and reach them

It’s useful to know about your current and potential audiences to find out what type of content should be produced to drive traffic. Audience Segmentation provides a way to understand the different customer relationships and characteristics – who they are, how they are different and how they can deliver them. Segmenting your current audience will make you better prepared to find and reach new target audiences.

Demographic is a great place to start analyzing. Group your audience members by age, gender, geographic location, income, family size, and other factors. With insights and data, you will need to dig deeper and point out the behaviours and preferences. These indicators can help you create data-driven individuals who will help you create and serve relevant content.

6. Your reach variety

A diverse approach to content delivery is the best way out of my experience. According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute, on average, Business-to-Business (B2B) marketers use 13 different content marketing strategies. If you are just making one type of content (like a weekly blog) and only promoting it through a channel (say, Facebook), then you are seriously reducing the potential impact of your content.

Using the right channels will help you to create targeted, qualified leads in your diverse content. Facebook is the most famous social media channel, and YouTube is very good for video-driven content such as tutorials, reviews and inspirational shorts.

In my experience, LinkedIn and Twitter are more suitable channels for B2B interaction, and new platforms like Instagram and Snapchat can be great to reach the millennium. Understanding social media platforms that are best suited to your particular needs will help you reach a wide audience with your content.

7. Be constant

Continuous content engages customers. Consistent with your content does not mean that you are publishing regularly – this means that you also maintain a continuous voice, voice and quality.

A style sheet can be helpful in curating a continuous voice and tone, and a content calendar can be a great help in planning continuous distribution. These items can make your team accountable in clearly defined schedules; give material signs to share, inform special events (which may require the promotion of the material) and the fine distribution. Having a continuous content plan will give you a foot on your competition.

8. Use SEO

Including accurate SEO in your content marketing strategy can do wonders for organic site traffic. SEO can help you search higher your website rank, and highly ranked pages have a consistent click-through rate (CTR).

A good SEO strategy – Long-tailed keywords, effective meta-descriptions, quality images, and descriptive URLs – can help increase CTR and website traffic.

9. Analyze and optimize

If you do not measure the performance of your content then you will never know if you are running traffic or not. Split A / B test is a particularly useful tool to know which type of content drives the most traffic. And, as an added benefit, A / B testing also helps you to understand your target audience more deeply, which will only work to help you create more effective content.

What do you want to test? Almost anything on your website or in your shared content that can affect user behaviour can be tested, but you would want to focus on the most important elements to drive traffic.

These elements include your title, call to action, content length, images, site speed, landing page, etc. Once you determine which type of content works best for your purposes (i.e. driving traffic) your work becomes so effective and your overall content marketing strategy becomes clear.

The end of the day is to explain how content will help to promote the overall strategy and what will be tracked to ensure success. This will help in streamlining both production and marketing efforts.

How Content Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow Faster
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