How to Get EIN for Non-US Citizen

If you are a freelancer, online marketer, entrepreneur or anyone who is working with U.S. based company and want to get paid hassle free then EIN is for you.

What is EIN (Employer Identification Number)?

EIN stands for Employer Identification Number which is a Tex identification number of United State. EIN number is issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Its primary goal is to collect Tex from Businesses. All business are required to have EIN number to do business in United State lawfully.

Even If you are not a citizen of the U.S. and nor you live in the U.S. — You can still get EIN number. And, It is very easy.

Now you must be wondering why the heck U.S. allow foreigners to get an EIN number, that is because they want your money and they want to grow their economy.

Get EIN faster from the Outside U.S. for Foreign company
IRS EIN Number – US Flag and Eagle

Benefits of EIN

Here is the list of benefits you will get if you obtain EIN number for your business in the United State.

  1. Do business legally in the United State
  2. Sign up for services like Stripe
  3. Get paid from US-based business
  4. Set up Business in the U.S.

How to Get EIN faster from the Outside U.S. for Foreign company

Step 1: Download the SS-4 Form

Employer Identification Number Form
EIN Form Look on iPad

Step 2: Fill up the form with all the details about your business and about yourself. You don’t need to have SSN to get EIN especially if you are not a citizen of the U.S.

If you need a US local business address then Go to Google Map and pick any location. You don’t need a real business address in the US that is because there are no physical documents involve in this method to get EIN. And, nor they verify your local address anyway.

Step 3: Call 267–941–1099 — Don’t forget to add +1 if you are calling from outside the US.

Ok, You need to pay international calling fees— simple use TextNow or Google Hangout. It is free of charge to call in any US and Canada based mobile and telephone number.

IRS Agent on the call will speak with you after a few minutes of waiting time. You must call this number in office hours as per Eastern standard time zone.

The Agent will ask you questions as per the SS-4 Form. So make sure you fill up the form before you call.

After when you answer all the questions, the IRS agent will give you an EIN number on the call. No need to wait for days or hours, no document verification needed.

Tips: Make sure you provide Your Business name, your name currently because when you provide EIN number to Businesses (Payment service like Stripe) they might verify your business name in IRS records.

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