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Acast: All in one High-Quality Podcast Hosting Hub


Explore the ultimate free podcast hosting platform with Acast. Simplify your podcasting journey on a high-quality platform designed for creators and listeners. Create, host, and earn money from the top-notch podcast hosting platform today.

Acast is an all-rounder-free podcast hosting online platform that is suitable for both creators and listeners. It has many tools that make recording easier because it is one of the main places where podcasts are distributed. This platform offers an easy-to-understand interface that helps podcasters or creators upload, manage, and monetize content.

Moreover, offers a complete analytics tool that will help you and creators to analyze audiences’ demographics and views behavior. You can earn money by advertising your podcasts and listener support as a lot of Creators and podcasters earn. Listeners can find different kinds of podcasts that aren’t available on other podcast hosting platforms with a user-friendly interface.

It emphasizes a lot of features like an offline listening facility, access to a huge library of podcasts from a wide range of topics, and personalized suggestions. It can adjust the playback speeds according to the listening experience.

Overall, It stands out as a renowned free platform that allows both creators and listeners to produce high-quality podcasts for a high-quality experience.

Acast: All in one High-Quality Podcast Hosting Hub

Acast Features:

  • Hosting: A user-friendly podcast hosting platform for uploading and managing podcasts for free.
  • Monetization: It offers opportunities for creators to generate revenue through advertising and listener support.
  • Analytics: It offers detailed analytics of audience demographics and listening behavior.
  • Distribution: It offers wide-reaching distribution across various podcast platforms.
  • Personalization: It offers recommendations based on listening preferences.
  • Vast Library: It allows you to discover different types of podcasts on different topics available on the platform.
  • Enhanced Experience: It offers features like offline listening and adjustable playback speeds.
  • User-Friendly Interface: It offers an easy-to-understand design for easy navigation and uninterrupted listening.
  • Ad Insertion: Uninterrupted insert ads into podcast episodes for monetization.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: It offers sponsorships for collaborations.
  • Dynamic Ad Targeting: It targets specific audiences with the help of advertising.
  • RSS Feed Management: It easily manages tools of RSS feeds used for distribution.
  • Content Promotion: It has various tools to promote podcasts and reach a wider audience.
  • Engagement Metrics: It analyses listener engagement and interaction with episodes.
  • Multiple Show Management: It offers the capability to manage multiple podcasts within one
  • Transcription Services: It allows the access to transcription tools for episode accessibility.
  • Scheduled Publishing: It offers plans and schedules podcast releases in advance.
  • Collaboration Tools: It allows teamwork with features for co-hosting.
  • Support and Resources: It allows accessibility to support and educational resources for podcasting
  • Playlist Creation: It offers personalized playlists for continuous listening.
  • Notification Alerts: It frequently asks for updates on new episodes or favorite podcasts.
  • Social Sharing: It offers favorite episodes or podcasts on social media platforms.
  • Discoverability Features: It offers trending podcasts and the most wanted lists for new discoveries.
  • Commenting and Feedback: It offers to engage with creators and other listeners through comments and feedback.
  • Audio Enhancement: It offers tools for adjusting audio quality and enhancing the listening experience.
  • Episode Bookmarks: It saves specific episodes for later listening.
  • User Profiles: It offers customizable user profiles for personalized recommendations.
  • Cross-Device Sync: It offers a nonstop transition between devices with synced progress.
  • Community Engagement: It allows users in forums or communities related to specific podcasts.
  • Accessibility Tools: It offers features like closed captioning or accessibility settings for diverse audiences.

Acast Pricing:

  • Smarter Plan: Free ($0) per month
  • Influencer Plan: $25.00 per month
  • Ace Plan: $40.00 per month

Acast Alternatives:

  • Libsyn: A platform offering reliable hosting and distribution with monetization options and detailed analytics.
  • Spreaker: It offers a user-friendly interface for podcast creation, live broadcasting, monetization, and analytics.
  • Podbean: It offers hosting, publishing, monetization, and promotion tools along with a built-in podcast advertising marketplace.
  • Anchor: A podcast hosting platform that is known for its simplicity, offering free hosting, creation tools, distribution, and monetization options.
  • Buzzsprout: It offers easy-to-use, offering hosting, distribution to major platforms, and analytics along with various marketing tools.


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