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Docracy: Create and Signature on Legal Documents Online


Docracy is now Xodo sign that offers free tools for signatures on Legal Documents. It creates legal documents, templates, and contracts paper. Furthermore, it also helps to save time for formatting documents because it has a lot of designed legal documents, and templates. So, start today for free.

Docracy is a free online platform that offers customized free legal documents, templates even contract papers to save you time. It is now Xodo Sign, which offers a 30-day free trial and free access to create and sign on legal documents. Moreover, a very useful tool for lawyers and professionals to create legal documents, templates, contracts papers, and other types of papers. You can sign the documents for free from your mobile device. Additionally, it offers lots of categories of documents such as business-oriented papers, finance, and real estate, etc. it also saves the cost of drafting legal paperwork and time as well.

Docracy Features:

  • Free Access: It provides free access to a vast collection of legal documents, templates, and contracts.
  • Customization: It offers customized easily created templates to suit specific needs, making alterations or additions as required.
  • Crowdsourced Content: It allows documents to be sourced from legal experts, ensuring reliability and quality in the templates available.
  • Wide Range of Categories: It allows you to create different types of categories of documents such as business, finance, real estate, and more.
  • Collaboration and Sharing: It allows seamless collaboration and sharing of documents among different parties.
  • Version Control: It allows users to keep track of document versions and revisions, ensuring clarity and organization in the drafting process.
  • Legal Guidance: It offers analytics tools, explanations, and guidance within documents to identify the problems and change it according to that.
  • Secure Storage: It is a secure platform for storing your legal documents.
  • Accessibility: It offers online accessibility from anywhere, making it convenient for users to work on legal documents remotely.
  • Updates and New Additions: It offers regular updates with new templates and documents to accommodate changing legal requirements and trends.
  • Rating and Reviews: It allows you to rate and review documents with proper feedback to improve the quality.
  • Legal Compliance: It offers designed documents with legal standards and regulations. Document Comparison: It allows users to compare different versions of the same document, facilitating easy identification of changes.
  • Offline Access: It offers options for downloading documents for offline use, convenient for situations with limited internet access.
  • Educational Resources: It offers supplementary educational materials or guides to help users navigate through legal processes and understand complex concepts.

Docracy Pricing:

It costs nothing ($0) to start and get designed legal documents, templates, and contract access for free.

Docracy Alternatives:

  • Rocket Lawyer: A platform that provides legal document creation, access to attorneys, and legal advice for a subscription fee.
  • LegalZoom: A platform that offers designed legal services, including document creation, business formation, and others.
  • LawDepot: A platform that is as same as Docracy, where it offers customizable legal documents and contracts online.
  • PandaDoc: A Platform that focuses on document management, and offers features for creating, sending, and tracking contracts and proposals.


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