Tomighty, A Friendly "Timer" App for Reminding "Tasks"

Tomighty: Manage Your Time Better and Improve Your Productivity


Tomighty, follows Pomodoro technique to helps students maximize their productivity by breaking work into several parts, typically 25 minutes’ long. Best time management tools to help you focus and get most out of your time.

Tomighty is the tool which you can use for 100% free. It helps with time management, specifically based on the Pomodoro Technique. Tomighty is a simple desktop application designed to assist users in breaking down work into various small parts. Each of the parts remains 25 minutes in length. Moreover, this technique aims to improve productivity and focus by dividing work into manageable parts of your daily routine. Tomighty helps with this technique by acting as a timer, so users can keep track of their breaks and work. it has an easy-to-use design that lets students start, pause, and restart their work tasks with just a few clicks. Not only that it also has a visible sign that helps users stay focused and on track by showing them how far along each time is.

Tomighty, Hack your online productivity


Tomighty Features:

  • Pomodoro Timer: Tomighty’s main feature is its timer, which lets users set specific work times (usually 25 minutes) and short breaks (usually 5 minutes).
  • Customizable Timers: Users can change the length of both work and break times according to their wants and interests.
  • Notifications: It helps Students stay on track with their schedules by sending them messages when a work break is over or it’s time for a break. Just like your mom.
  • Tracking and Statistics: Some versions of Tomighty come with basic tracking and data that let users see how productive they are by keeping track of how many Pomodoros they’ve finished or how much time they spend on each tasks.
  • Simple Interface: Its design is usually simple and easy to use, with the timer being set up quickly and without much trouble.
  • Cross-Platform: Tomighty is often offered on more than one device, so students can use it on Windows, macOS, and Linux, among others.
  • Open Source: Since it’s an open-source app, students who know how to code or want to make the app’s features better may be able to contribute, improve, or change it.

Tommighty Pricing:

Tommighty is providing 100% free services to all of the users, who want to improve themselves with a manageable time management tool.

Tommighy Alternatives:

  • Stretchly: Not a website, it’s an application of software that you can install on your computer and use on different operating systems
  • Workrave: A website with a software tool that reminds students to take breaks and do workouts while they’re using the computer.
  • Pomodone: Not have a website that is only for its service. it is usually built into or available through platforms like web apps, computer plugins, or software programs.



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