Wirex Cryptocurrency Wallets and Debit card

Wirex – Cryptocurrency Wallets and Virtual Debit Card

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Simple solution for your digital money. Multi-cryptocurrency wallet. Buy cryptocurrency with easy and spend via prepaid debit card.

Wirex is a multi cryptocurrency wallets and debit card service provider. You can add funds to your account (using Bank transfer and credit card), exchange currency (bitcoin, altcoin, USD, EUR, and GDP), send crypto to others and spend your money through Wirex Debit card.

I signed up for Wirex account in August 2015 and since then, I am using the virtual debit card and bitcoin wallet. It is simple to buy and exchange cryptocurrency. I found it useful as a blogger to purchase cryptocurrency and use the debit card in my online purchases without any problem. Some Wirex features are not available in many countries.

Wirex Features

  1. Cryptocurrency Wallets
  2. Add fund to your account through bank transfer and credit card (Available in a few countries)
  3. Buy and Sell Bitcoin
  4. Transfer Crypto without any fee (Wirex user to Wirex user), transfer your crypto using public blockchain, but you have to pay a small fee for it.
  5. Multi-Currency Exchange: USD, EUR, GBP Bitcoin and Litecoin
  6. Fast withdrawals to your Local Bank
  7. 24/7 Mobile or Desktop Access
  8. Standard security with AES-256 encryption
  9. 24/7 Customer Support
  10. Get Visa debit cards (Virtual and Plastic) with zero loading fee
  11. Manage your fund just like any other Bank account

Wirex Cryptocurrency Wallets and Debit card


  • Free Multi Cryptocurrency wallets. There is no fee related to Wirex services, but the Debit card does have monthly and transaction fees.
  • Debit card Fees: $1.5 Per month (More at)


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1 review for Wirex - Cryptocurrency Wallets and Virtual Debit Card

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    Araix Rand

    Wirex is a cryptocurrency wallet and debit card provider registered in the UK. I have used WireX card in the past, it worked perfectly. I can’t say the same now, as my account has been locked since 2020. Furthermore, I have no desire to get my account back.

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