The Right Mindset To Make Money Online $100 A Day

Right Mindset To Make Money Online

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This is the perfect time to start your own Internet-based business. It doesn't cost much money and takes time as you may think. We are here to help you grow your business and earn passive income through the internet while living your dream life.

This Guide to Make Money Online $100 A Day For some people, it will be child’s play. For some others, it will seem ‘impossible’. For the rest, it’s somewhere in between. Which group are YOU in? I’ll take a guess. Because you’re reading this article, I’ll assume you are NOT in the first group… but want to be there!

Great. That’s what you’ll learn inside this collection of plans, models, and step-by-step blueprints to make $100 a day. But first, tell me which of these is YOU to Right Mindset To Make Money Online $100 A Day.

I think it’s IMPOSSIBLE to make $100 a day working online

I feel $100 a day can be made by some people – just not me

I know $100 a day is possible, I’ve done it – but not consistently Picked one of the 3 choices above? Good.

Now, I’ll reveal the BIGGEST secret that will make it possible for you to make $100 a day – every day, day after day, starting very soon. You Must BELIEVE It Can Be Done – By YOU I know it’s hard. For the first 6 or 7 years of working on my online business, I did not believe it could be done. But things changed.

I had smaller successes that gave me confidence and hope. And then, at last, I really believed deep inside me that making $100 a day as possible. Guess what? Within 1 month from then, I had my first $1,000 day. Yes, one THOUSAND bucks in 24 hours. It gets better.

Less than 3 weeks from that day, I had my first $2,000 day. I had DOUBLED my previous best in under a month! And there’s more. Within the next 3 months, I had my first TEN THOUSAND dollar day – and then repeated that several times over the years that followed… even had one memorable $20,000 day!


How did I break that mental barrier?

What made that ‘dream’ possible? Seeing other people succeed. Being in touch with them. Finding out how they did it. Finally, one thing gave me the big shove in my back – John Reese’s memorable MILLION DOLLAR DAY. It shattered previous barriers and limits inside my mind. It gave me the courage to dream bigger dreams.

It gave me the confidence to go after the bigger dreams – with bigger action steps. And because I believed, deep inside, in my heart, and with absolutely no doubt, it happened.

Napoleon Hill, author of ‘Think and Grow Rich’ said it nicely: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve” Look, I can understand how you feel. It’s perfectly logical to think: “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

But let me give you an alternative that’s more inspiring: “I’ll see it because I BELIEVE IT!” Make that your new reality, as we learn the specific action steps to make your dream of making $100 a day come true.

What Exactly Is $100 a Day?

Quite literally, it means, you make ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS in a day. But like everything else, there are different ways of viewing this. $100 a day can also mean $700 a week. $100 a day can also mean $3,000 a month. $100 a day can also mean $9,000 a quarter. $100 a day can also mean $36,500 a year.

All of these are different ways of looking at the same figure – and there’s a reason you may want to pick one of these over the other… because I’m going to show you how to hit those numbers in your own way. If you’re a strategic, future-oriented, long-term focussed business person, you may like the annual figure better than the per-day target. If you’re in need of urgent cash flow and live in a more ‘need quick cash now’ mindset, the $100 every 24 hours view looks more attractive. So let’s explore the different possibilities.

Making $100 a Day – The Models

Broadly, I’m going to classify your ‘$100 a day models’ into 3 groups: – short-term (measured weekly) – medium-term (measured monthly) – long-term (measured quarterly or annually)

Short-Term Models

Note: All totals for income will be calculated on a WEEKLY basis. Let’s first look at models that will let you make $100 a day – quickly.

Model #1: Low cost, daily sales

You sell a low-cost item (product or service) priced at $10. You make 10 sales every day. You earn $100 a day. Simple, right? Weekly total: $700, from 70 sales, each at $10 The one difficulty is being able to make 10 sales every day, week after week.

Model #2: Price Hike

Let’s look at what happens if instead, you sell a higher priced product, at $20 Now, all you need is to make 5 sales every day, and you reach your target. You sell a $20 item (product or service). You make 5 sales every day. You earn $100 a day. A bit easier, right? And 5 sales daily is easier than 10. Weekly total: $700, from 35 sales, each at $20.

Model #3: Upsell

Now, if you add another related product or service to your offer, and make it available to buyers at the same time, let’s see what happens. You sell a $20 item (product or service). You make 5 sales every day. You earn $100 a day. You also offer a related item for $5. 1 out of every 5 buyers accepts your upsell offer.

You earn an extra $5 a day. That sounds easy – and it just boosted your profits by 5% Weekly total: $700 + $35 – from 35 sales at $20 plus 7 people taking the upsell offer at $5

Model #4: One Time Offer

Let’s extend this further – by making a very special, exclusive offer to your customers AFTER they have bought from you. You put together a high-value package (products, services, membership or other) and offer it at a steeply discounted price – but only for a very limited time (the ‘one-time’ offer), You sell a $20 item (product or service) with $5 upsell. You make 5 sales every day. You also make a one-time offer for $50. 1 out of every 10 buyers accepts your upsell offer.

You earn an extra $175 (on average) every week. Weekly total: $910, i.e. $735 (from 35 sales and 5 upsells) + $175 (from 3.5 O.T.O. sales at $50 each) Do you see what you just did here?

You gave yourself a holiday on Sunday – or any other day of the week you prefer! You’ll still meet your $100 a day target, because of your O.T.O. and upsell.

Model #5: Backend

It gets better. If you’ve sold your customer a really good, high-value product or service, they’ll be happy. And happy buyers very often BUY AGAIN. It’s best to make another offer within a week after your first sale. You sell a $20 item with $5 upsell and $50 O.T.O. Within the first week, you offer another item at $25. 3 out of every 10 buyers takes you up on the 2nd offer. You earn an extra $250 from 10 sales.

Weekly total: $1,160 ($910 from the first sale with upselling and O.T.O. and $250 from backend sales) Now you’re rocking! You’ve just earned yourself a LONG weekend without working – and your business still brings in $100 a day, on average! Are you beginning to see the power in these models? Each small change builds upon the earlier ones, and gives you an incremental advantage as you ramp up your sales – or take more time off, whichever you prefer!

Medium Term Models

Note: All totals for income will be calculated on a MONTHLY basis. We’ve seen models that will let you make $100 a day – quickly. For those who are able to focus on sustained effort over a period of time, this may be a more suitable model than the day-to-day hustling for sales.

Model #6: Continuity

Let’s get a bit fancier. What if you go with a ‘membership’ model, where you sell recurring services or access to a regularly updated site – and bill customers every 30 days, automatically? Even if your price is still $10 per month, by automatically continuing the sale every month, you’ll earn a recurring income from every new member who joins. For simplicity let’s assume, you offer this as a separate program (you could always tie it into the earlier models and earn MORE from those customers!) You sell a $10/month membership. You make 10 sales every day. You earn $100 a day.

You repeat this for a month. After 1 month, even if you do NOTHING, you’ll still earn $100 a day – for as long as your members remain in your program and keep paying monthly dues! Wow! For 1 month, it’s HARD work – but see what happens after that? All you need to do is keep the membership so valuable and attractive that you retain your members and they keep paying you $10 every month, over and over again!

You get to make $100 a day – literally on AUTO-PILOT. Looking easier – and more attractive – isn’t it? Monthly total: $3,000 – from 300 members, each paying $10 every month Here’s an exercise for you… Play around with the same scenarios we discussed earlier, with the price hike, upsell, O.T.O. and backend models ADDED ON to this one!

Long-Term Models

Note: All totals for income will be calculated on a QUARTERLY or ANNUAL basis. We’ve seen models that will let you make $100 a day – quickly. We’ve seen a model where

you can make $3,000 monthly. For those who don’t mind deferring their profits to go for ‘big hits’, there are other models that may be more attractive.

Model #7: Build and Sell

What if you build a resource, a business, a sales process, an eBay store or something that generates revenue (or has potential to) – and then sell it to a buyer (or license it to many buyers)?

Model #8: Turnkey Solutions

It may take you a month to build 10 content-rich minisites and set them up with a domain name, affiliate product selling page and more bells and whistles. You can then sell each of the sites for $300 – or the entire network of content sites for $3,000 – to a buyer or on eBay. Turnkey solutions can also be included into a ‘membership’ model – you won’t have to keep hustling for sales, but just focus on delivering each month’s installment to existing members!

Model #9: Software Development

If you are an expert in a niche and have identified the need for a specific kind of software or tool that solves a problem, you may spend 3 months developing it – and then sell enough licenses to hit your target.

Model #10: Seminars & Consulting

If it’s your cup of tea, you could plan a conference, seminar, workshop or coaching program. Spend 3 months arranging the event, creating content, getting speakers, arranging JV deals – and then hold the event on 1 day, selling 100 seats at $197 each to hit your $100 a day target – even after expenses!

There are many more ways to earn $100 a day and I hope you’re seeing the possibilities. The rest of this article will have MANY steps by step plans that will expand your vision of what’s possible. In the end, though, it’s all up to you. Take the ideas and run with them. Make them your own.

Build your own cash streams that pull in $100 a day or more. Then share your success stories with other readers of this post – your success will inspire someone else, and this thing just grows and grows and grows. To your massive success – and many more $100 days!

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