How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business

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This is the perfect time to start your own Internet-based business. It doesn't cost much money and takes time as you may think. We are here to help you grow your business and earn passive income through the internet while living your dream life.

If you are a beginning Affiliate Marketer and you do not actually have any money to work with the best way to start marketing is by using pay-per-click search engines. The truth is when you are marketer products are not the things that actually sell, it is the traffic that sells.

However true this is you still want to promote the programs that meet certain criteria. If you are wondering what the criteria are they are listed below and are as follows:  

  1. Look for programs that offer to pay you over $10.00 per sale. If not that then at least search for programs that pay you $50.00 per month or more in residual income because just one customer can be worth $1,200.00 to you in 10 years. 
  2. Look for products to promote that don’t have more than one or two external links to that connect to other programs. If you’re going to pay good money to send people to a web site, you should at least make sure that you’re sending them to a good money resource and not a resource that has with 50 holes in it. 
  3. Look for products that have limited ordering options because you don’t want to send people to a site if you only get credit when they pay by credit card. The result will be that you will lose people because the site also accepts payment via PayPal and the average person doesn’t know how to integrate PayPal with their current affiliate software or some other more complicated payment method like direct checking. 
  4. Try to find sales sites. You can check out and find five programs that meet the criteria. It will take some digging, but they are there if you look for them. Let’s say you’re promoting sneakers, for example. What you are going to want to do now is find as many applicable keywords as you can that are directly relating to sneakers.

You can find lists of keyword variations for any products or services by going to and clicking the ‘keywords’ button at the top. How this works is that you can do keyword searches and find every variation of the word sneakers that you can think of. If you save all your keywords in a text file you can place bids at all the major pay-per-click search engines.

Here is a list of some of them:

  • (They are very critical and will bring you the most leads.)
  • (Delivers pretty good traffic)
  • (This one is Free)

There is a trick to making huge profits with pay-per-click search engines and one of them is to bid on as many keywords as possible. How it works is that you bid on 100 keywords and it is the exact same thing as getting 100 links back to your website.

When you are submitting your listings, you must always be sure to put the price there as well. The key factor here is that you want everyone who clicks through your site to be prepared to divvy up some cash. If you don’t do this, you’ll lose a lot of money from the people who are always seeking freebies every single time. With this in mind, say you submitted 350 keywords that are relating to sneakers to each and every one of the search engines above. If all of them are totaled together they will give you a combined total of 150 clicks per day.

This is assuming of course that only one out of every 300 people make their purchases because this is a particularly popular item. If you sell one pair of sneakers and make $10.00 per sale that’s one sale every two days. If your average bid is 10 cents per lead, it’s costing you $3.00 in advertising costs just so that you can make $10.00. So each month you could average $800.00 from just this one product in net profit per month. That is pretty good, but if you are pushing 5 different products you will have $4000 in one month’s profit.

The next thing that you have to do is try to find five products that are just like the first one. If a company/website doesn’t have an affiliate program setup, try calling them and asking if you could strike a special deal with them. The best part of using this marketing technique is that after you set up one income stream using this method, and you’ve tested it and it’s working, you can start on another one right away.

You can promote one or 100 companies if you want to it is really up to you. You can literally set your own desired income this way. Plus, by doing this, you get the chance to build long-lasting working relationships with the owners of these programs most of the time. It is like out of nowhere, you suddenly have a network of people you’re working with. If you follow this article closely you’ll be drawing more targeted traffic to programs that you promote than most of the high traffic sites that just have a simple link to the product in question.

You can do all of this with little to no money at all in the beginning. Once you start making enough money with the pay-per-click search engines, you can start investing some of your money in your own idea or business on the Internet that you want to start; which when you think about it just makes sense. You can simply take the easy way out and make more and more money promoting other people’s programs.  As Internet marketing gets more sophisticated in the next few years, there will be more and more companies that are offering solid moneymaking opportunities to experienced resellers, so it is best that you do your homework and learn this stuff while you can because eventually, everyone will be trying to cash in on this ‘then ancient’ method. 

The craft of Listing: Owning a list is the most profitable online marketing tool out there today. As an affiliate marketer, you are going to have to get used to listing. In fact, there’s not a time when you can send out your mailing to the A+ Marketplace where you won’t make $300.00. You can build your list with little to no effort to over 6,800 subscribers within five months and have over 35,000 subscribers by using some highly effective tactics. Let’s take a look at some of those tactics now.

Popup Emails: This method is 10x as easy to get once you visit the Opt-In Lightning site or any other site that Opt-In Lightning is installed on. When you do this, you’ll notice that it captures the visitor’s email address without the visitor having to fill out a form when they sign on for it. They just have to click “OK.” Instead. This is commonly known as Auto Info Capture and makes it 10x easier for people to subscribe to your mailing list. The basic principle here is that the easier you make it for people to subscribe the quicker your list grows.

When you use Optin Lightning programs, you can nab any email address from the visitor’s client browser. The number of Hotmail and Yahoo addresses is that you can pick up is practically zero. The few Hotmail or Yahoo address you do capture are those that they configured in their browser and will go right into their main inbox anyway instead of them having to retrieve them over the ‘net. This is commonly referred to as your “Pull Ratio.” When you use a regular or “traditional” subscribe box, what you are doing is subject to your list of what can be called pollution.

What I mean by this is that nothing is stopping people from populating your list with FFA confirmation email addresses, Auto Responders, etc. If you ever decide to sell ads, your advertising clients are going to get very angry as your list grows because they will expect that their own ads that they paid good money to pull more. Using the old method over an extended period of time will eventually hurt your business. This is why Internet Marketing experts all agree that Ezines that get larger lose all or most of their pull.

Now you know why. Someone using the traditional subscribes method can put all their friends etc. on your list, and force you to deal with spam complaints. This is called “List Bombing” and by using Popup Email Capture only, you will be able to avoid this completely. If you can avoid these problems from the start, you’ll slowly and steadily grow a solid clientele hungry for your products and services. 

Personalizing email: You should always personalize each and every email that you send out because this gives people who are on the list a feeling that you’re not just another newsletter editor, but their friend and that you truly care about their success. Doing this can increase your sales by at least 200%. You have to think like a marketer as well as a consumer. If you start to think like a salesman, you will lose customers. The competition here is fierce but if you work on it, you will succeed. You want to shoot for the feeling where you actually become one with your list. By personalizing your emails, I mean that you can write as if you were sending a note to your friend.  That’s when you know for a fact that you will have a following. 

Send Emails on Friday: I always send my newsletter on Friday at noon because it reaches the East Coast at 3:00 p.m. This way your readers will have the entire weekend to read it, when they are relaxed and comfortable. During the week, your consumers have to work, deal with family and home matters etc. They simply do not have the time to really give your emails much thought. When you wait till the weekend to send the mails, you can take the weekend off and come back Monday to find a stack of orders just waiting for you.

Offer Incentives: Offering incentives like free bonuses just for subscribing with no obligation to remain a subscriber can really boost your orders. Doing this builds a level of trust with new people who don’t know you. You see when you start by offering freebies, you will attract a whole new crowd of consumers.

Follow up your Emails: By using an AutoResponder you can deliver your follow-ups without effort. Each follow-up should be a sales letter to a residual income product you’re selling, an MLM program you’re promoting or a product you’re selling. There should not be any free content and these sales letters don’t beat around the bush. I make thousands per month using email follow-up alone. You can get an occasional flame and some unsubscribes, but this is exactly what you should want. You want to be building up your client list and the follow-ups actually WEED OUT people who aren’t ready to make some kind of monetary commitment which will make your job a great deal easier. 

No free content: Do not offer any free content because this gives the reader nowhere to go. They either get involved with what you’re doing or they get off the list. Besides when you are offering free content, all that you are really accomplishing is you owing more money and having less bandwidth to work with.

Don’t accept any form of paid advertising: By accepting paid advertising, you only succeed in polluting your list and This takes attention away from whatever your newsletter’s main theme is. You want to keep your readers informed of MLM and Residual Income Programs because this is just another way of building and keeping their trust in you. 

Don’t put any copyright on it: Some lists add copyright information and I really don’t know why. It is best to simply forward this information to anyone that might be interested. It’s a lot easier than using a script and it’s been working for me. In any case, most people generally don’t care anyway.

Purchase Subscribers: Every email address that you could possibly get is like potential gold to you so if you are going to purchase any email addresses from the many lists that are available for purchase, however, you have to be very specific in who you choose to buy from so watch out. You can purchase 1,000 subscribers for as little as $197.00 with some companies. It helps to be on the lookout.

Talk about yourself a bit: This may sound a bit strange, but people like to do business with people they know and trust. When you include some personal information about yourself, people will get to know you as a person. This helps break the ice and makes it a lot easier to do business with people. I don’t know about you, but I always respond better to a business person that is willing to be a bit more friendly and personal with me. 

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