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Zoho Notebook – Best Note Taking Tool for Writer and Blogger

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A simple and multipurpose note-taking app. Take note, create checklist, record audio, take pictures from the app, much more

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Zoho Notebook is a note-taking mobile and web-based app. It is like Google Keep and the best alternative to Evernote. You can use this wonderful app for note-taking, planning, to-do list, journaling and much more. No ads, It is a completely free online tool built by Zoho.com. I have been using this note-taking app since 2017, and it is my go-to platform for journaling. I use it for writing my thoughts and audio recording. Furthermore, I read their terms and conditions because of their completely free offer (It is unbelievable, I know). They say it is just one of the 35+ tools they offer on their Zoho platform. Read their business model.

Zoho is a multi SaaS company. They offer marketing, productivity, finance, etc. web-based software. Most of their software has a free trial forever with limited access.


Zoho Notebook The most beautiful note-taking app.

Zoho Notebook Features

  1. Take note on the go: Available on Android, Mac, Web, and web browser
  2. Customize and organize: Make it look like your own
  3. Lock Notebook: Protect your notes and notebook with a password
  4. Audio Recording: Take audio note and organize it the way you like
  5. Media Storage: Upload videos, documents, Image
  6. Clip Webpage: Bookmark and store webpage
  7. Multiplatform synchronize


Zoho Notebook

  1. Free Forever tool with limited access. The free plan will be enough for individual users.
  2. Business plan: 200 GB cloud storage for $2 per month


  • Google Keep: Good alternative tool built by Google
  • Evernote: I have used Evernote, it is a popular note-taking app, but I don’t like it.


1 review for Zoho Notebook - Best Note Taking Tool for Writer and Blogger

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    Araix Rand

    One of my favorite online tool and mobile app. I use it for note-taking, planning, and checklist. I am an android user, previously I used Google Keep for note-taking. Zoho Notebook is an advance level note-taking app with features you won’t find with Google Keep or EverNote.

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