How to Find Your Instagram Niche and Build right Following

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Instagram is growing faster and it is my favorite social media platform. It’s one of the personal social media where user post picture and videos of their daily life but for a business owner or marketer having an Instagram account with niche-oriented is one of must advantage in connecting with the right audience and build large amounts of following.

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When I signed up to Instagram in 2013 I was posting the picture of my daily activities on my personal account but now I have found my niche in “Daily motivation” (I am Introvert and I don’t like posting a selfie).

Here is a great example of niche-oriented Instagram account @Foodess, as you can see She is in sub-niche (I mean niche within a Big niche) “Chocolate and sweet food” and her all picture has the same color effect and same style.


Now you know what is the advantage of having niche oriented Instagram account and how it looks. And next is to find out your niche, build a brand and connect with the right audience.


1. Find out what you are good at


The first step is in finding your Instagram niche is to ask yourself what interest you which other people with the same interest will to love to follow you or your business. It is good to have business in a niche which you are passionate about if not then after some time you will get bored.

If you are just starting your new Instagram account then before you stick to one niche I think it will good to try your others interest within a niche or outside the niche and style of the post. After you got some followers than stick to the same niche, sub-niche and style of the post.

If you don’t know what interest you or you just want to try new niche then below is the best way to find what’s working in current time and what is most profitable.

  • a) Amazon Bestsellers: Go to your favorite categories or subcategories page in Amazon Bestsellers, this is the best way to find the best selling products which you can use to find your niche idea.
  • b) Google Trend: Search your Interest keyword and select location, time frame. If Interest trend is going up and competition is low then you are in good luck. You can also explore Related topics on the same page.
  • c) ClickBank: Clickbank is popular and favorite affiliate marketplace for Internet marketer where vendor sale digital products in wide range of categories and affiliate are those who promote vendor products to make the commission on sales. Go to Marketplace in your favorite sub-categories and Sort results by Gravity. You can see what types and interest of products are top-selling right now.


2. Categories are not a niche


I see many people start their online business within categories and they think this is their niche which is the big mistake every starter make. For example “Food” is not niche it is categories “Sweet food” is niche.

Niche = People Specific Interest


3. Find Best Theme


Think of that your Instagram account is your Brand and you want to give a message to your profile visitor about what you do and what you stand for, something unique. The theme could be the color effect of your picture, style of your photo, picture size (I like 1:1), and logo on your post. Take a look at @Foodess profile her color scheme is same in all post.

Finding the best theme for your Instagram account is just like the Business brand. If you have an existing business Brand which is color of your logo, website style, text and etc then you should integrate your exiting style into your Instagram profile.


4. Be consistent


Being consistent is a surefire way to add credibility to your Brand so your Instagram followers will know when to expect updates from your account. Posting content regularly on your profile like 3 posts every day is a good idea but if you do less then make sure you repeat it every day, week or months.


Final Thought


No matter what niche you choose Branding your business or your social media account like Instagram is the best way outperform, drive traffic to your website and make more money. I hope you have learned something in this blog post If you do then check out my freebie page where you can download free content.

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