How to Retarget Your Website Audience with Instagram Ads

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Instagram is a dynamic and highly engaged social media platform, boasting a user base primarily composed of younger individuals aged 25 to 34 who are hungry for captivating visual content. With a staggering 800 million active users and continuous growth, Instagram presents a tremendous opportunity for businesses to expand their reach.

One powerful approach to capitalize on this potential is through retargeting ads. If you have already dabbled in Facebook Ads, leveraging retargeting ads to reach your custom-built audience on Instagram becomes a seamless process.

By utilizing Instagram retargeting ads, you can effectively target your website visitors, Facebook audience, and engaged users on Instagram, such as profile visitors and those who have previously liked or commented on your posts. In this article, we will delve into the concept of retargeting and guide you on leveraging the power of Instagram retargeting ads to drive targeted traffic to your landing page at a cost-effective rate.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting and Remarketing are the most effective way to connect with your audience who have shown interest in your website, app, and social media profile (Facebook and Instagram). Retargeting is also one of the low-cost advertising methods, and it has been used by the small and large brands.

If you are just starting out to retargeting ads on Facebook, you need to build a custom audience. Just like any other retargeting ads. You can do this by Installing Facebook Pixel on your website. Facebook Pixel will help you to track the unique visitors who spend time or engage with your site. Using users interaction data, you can create an Instagram retargeting ad through Facebook Ad manager.

How Do I Retarget Using Instagram Ads?

First, you have to convert your Instagram account into an Instagram Business account and connect your Instagram business account to your Facebook page, as Facebook and the Instagram Ad platform work together.

1. Build custom audience lists

There are many ways to build a custom audience using Facebook Pixel, It depends on your Retargeting goal. As in this article, our goal is to retarget website visitors using an Instagram retargeting ad.
To get started building your custom audience, Install Facebook Pixel on your website. Go to your Event Manager section in your Facebook Ad Manager, click on “Add Data Source” and Facebook Pixel to create Facebook Pixel.

Website Audience with Instagram Ads

If your goal is to integrate Pixel with e-commerce or any third-party platform, check out this.

Once you have Facebook Pixel running on your site, you can create custom audience lists. Simple go to Pixel and click on “Create Custom Audience”, and select your criteria based on your advertising goal to set up a custom audience. It will take time to capture the audience from your website. You should wait until you have some audience (at least 20 Users in Custom Audience).

Retarget Your Website Audience

2. Create Ad Set

  1. After all of this is set up, create Ad set using Facebook Power editor to retargeting your custom audience.
  2. Select conversion in the Campaign objective section (If your goal is to track conversion on your website),
  3. Select Conversion event (View content, add to cart and Purchase)
  4. Select your custom audience under “Custom Audiences” in the Audience section. You can target a narrow audience by selecting Location, age, and language. If your goal is to target all visitors, then leave the Location, age, and language options.
  5. Go to “Edit Placements” under the Placements section and select the Instagram feed and deselect all other options.
  6. Set up a daily Budget for your ad, you can start with $20.
  7. In the Identity, section select your Instagram account

3. Design Your Ad

Ones everything is set up properly, now is the time to write and design your ad. To get better performance on your Retargeting ad write engaging ad copy and compelling visuals. To get your high quality’s graphics, you should keep your picture or video at 1:1 ratio.

Now is time to publish your Instagram retargeting ad, click on the Submit button for ad review. It will take less than one hour to finally get the Ad in front of your targeted audience.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, harnessing the power of Instagram ads to retarget your website audience can be a game-changer for your marketing efforts. By leveraging the active user base and visual nature of Instagram, you can effectively re-engage with users who have already shown interest in your website, maximizing your chances of conversions and driving valuable actions. With the ability to target custom-built audiences, including website visitors, Facebook audience, and engaged Instagram users, you have the opportunity to create highly targeted ad campaigns that resonate with your desired audience.

As you embark on your retargeting journey, remember to optimize your campaigns, monitor performance, and make data-driven adjustments to ensure optimal results. Embrace the power of Instagram ads and take your website retargeting strategy to new heights, unlocking greater success and growth for your business.

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