How To Sell Clickbank Products Without Website

Sell Clickbank Products Without Website

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This is the perfect time to start your own Internet-based business. It doesn't cost much money and takes time as you may think. We are here to help you grow your business and earn passive income through the internet while living your dream life.

I’m going to give you my secret blueprint for earning big cash from Clickbank. Now, first of all, I am not going to teach you how to get your affiliate link, how to get set up, and how to join the Clickbank site but you’re going to learn How To Sell Clickbank Products Without Website in this post.

Understand that these two traffic sources are great not just for affiliate commissions, but also for making some good cash for your other sites. I know what you’re going through: I just wanted to say that I used to be in your position. I would do as much as I can to get more and more sales on CB. I struggled because even though I would get ranked, it would either be for non-buyer keywords, or they would fall off the face of Google overnight.

In this article, you are getting my simple formulas for getting more Clickbank sales with no problem. How much time do I need to spend on this? You could spend an hour and still get results, but of course, if you put in more work, you can make even more money from it. But in my salts page,

I said 50 minutes because my cousin Betty really did put in only 50 minutes. How much can I earn?

Whatever you want to. I make $150/day from this, and obviously, you could tell that my cousin literally now earns the same thing as me. I do have an outsourcer who does some of this for me today every once in a while, so it’s nice to have that extra income from CB.

Is this article going to teach me about choosing a product and gravity? Small things like this are not discussed, because it has been taught a thousand times. I instead am teaching you the most important part….getting traffic….. I don’t want to fill this article with fluff and basic Clickbank information, so let’s just get started with it. Grab that affiliate link of products you want to sells, the band let’s begin.

1. Q&A sites

Have you heard of these before Well, the only one you probably you know about is Yahoo Answers, and that site is great, but there are still a bunch of other great traffic sources of the same mature that can get almost the same amount of traffic? Why do sites like Yahoo Answers work so well?

Well, you’re basically helping people out with their problems. When someone is dealing with problems, they need a solution. And a Q and A site is a place to allow for you to help them find their solution through a product found from Clickbank.

Now, before you close this article, leave it on your hard drive, and think it’s not going to work, listen up for a minute. This method works if you want an instant sale. It. Works. I’ll show you how I do it on this cool site called Blurt It. Head down to

The site is pretty self-explanatory. Sign up with your email, or through Facebook or Twitter. When you sign up, you could search for questions in as many categories as you want. You could sell Clickbank products here in the fitness niche, anxiety and depression niche, acne, and anything you want. Just look for the category.

If I wanted to find the questions on skin care to sell a skin care product on Clickbank or something. Here is what I do: I would go to And I would go through the right side, and you’ll see a bunch of great topics you can browse through.

You’ll see that beauty has 3,331 questions and 19 subtopics.

I would simply click on that, and then I would look on the right side again to look at all the subtopics. There are 400+ questions on skin care. Now, all you have to do now is simply answer the questions giving them advice.

When you find a good question that fits into your topic, here is two things that I do:


For example, I saw this question:

“How do I remove black moles from my face? Anonymous asked 5/24/2014 Edit Question”

And I am pretty sure there are some products on Clickbank about this.

And I answer it doing this: I give them two or three tips that I found online, and I reply with at least 50-200+ words. Just write it fast, or you can just copy and paste something from Google. But just don’t make it so long, and still include your own tips! And at the end, I give them my affiliate link.

Yup, you don’t need to have a site. The problem with this is that they do remove affiliate links within 48-72hours. There is a way, however, to fix this. You simply save the URL links to all the answers you save. Put them in a spreadsheet with the URL and then the affiliate link for the product right next to it so you know which product it is you’re selling for that question.

I sometimes like to have an outsourcer sign in to my account after I have personally answered 50+ questions, and the goal of the outsourcer is just to add in my affiliate link to all questions. This costs me usually just $2-$5 an hour.

You can always create a blogger blog or a Squidoo page and use that as a landing page instead of a straight affiliate link since they usually don’t remove those links. I’ve done all kinds of things in a lot of niches for this site, so consider testing it out yourself to see what niches fit you.

Tip 1: Create another account for you to ask random questions. 

Use that account to ask questions with key phrases that a lot of people will type into Google. And since Blurtit is oftentimes sometimes good for ranking a question on Google, you can easily see some of your questions ranking on Google. The same goes for some of the other answer sites below. Reply back to it with an original account.

Tip 2: Understand that the following sites all follow the same concept of the site I decided to mainly talk about: but the same rules apply for every single site. You still need to be cautious since you don’t want to end up looking like a spammer.

How do you stop being a spammer?

The way to being an ordinary person is to give real advice. I other words, DO NOT WRITE ABOUT some random topic and input your affiliate link. People know when you’re the only goal is to have to them check out your product. Do not sell in your answers. Your goal should be to share info and to let them know that they could learn more along the way if they click on the link.


2. Sharing eBooks and Videos

Have you ever heard of Slideshare? Slideshare is a great site that shares content. People go here to get all kinds of information.

Here is the fun part about this traffic source: THE MORE COMPETITIVE YOUR INDUSTRY THE BETTER! It is not uncommon for some people to go into the fitness, diet, beauty, IM, and/or acne niche; the hardest niches to be in, and then to succeed and still get sales.

The reason why this site works so well is that it has an estimated 70,000,000 views per month. Imagine if you got just a SMALL percentage of that people to buy your affiliate products from Clickbank.

How is this going to work?

Slideshare allows people to share content, and the best way for us to share content is through a PDF. Why? Because it is super simple and easy to do, and you can actually input your affiliate links in this eBook. The point of this simple strategy is to:

Create a short PDF report With Affiliate Links at the bottom and Wait for affiliate commissions Let’s get started with this:

  1. Create A PDF
  2. Input your affiliate links
  3. Make affiliate links clickable
  4. Submit PDF
  5. Let the money flow in.

1) Create a PDF

First of all, find a niche that you know is in demand, and one that people love reading about, and one that you have a solution to via a Clickbank product. For this example, we’ll go for a weight loss product. Your goal when creating your first pdf is to head down to OpenOffice. You MUST HAVE AT LEAST 4-5 PAGES IN ORDER TO HAVE YOUR LINKS CLICKABLE FROM WITHIN THE PDF.

But I hate writing content?

Simple. You go online to use FREE CONTENT ARTICLES AS YOUR PDF. has a lot of free articles you could use. Get as many as you need to reach 4 pages. Although usually, just one or two articles is enough to reach four pages since you can separate the content.

Note: I Write my own content….why? Because I want to give values to the readers. You don’t want to be spammy in these eBooks. You want to give info. You want to share knowledge. You want to share information. Then and only then will people feel compelled to continue reading in your affiliate links.

Another note: Think of this PDF file as your landing page. Think of it as something free you’re sharing to help develop that trust in you. Photos You have the option to add in a nice photo for your presentation. You could find free images all over the Internet, like Flickr or any graphics site/stock free image site, and then you can use that as your PDFs opening image.

This is completely optional though, so don’t worry about it if you won’t want to. Once you have reached the four pages, add in some anchor text links of your affiliate links and the products. Here is what you should know: if you gave information, people will gladly click on your affiliate links. Let them know they’ll learn more when they click on the links. Now, let’s move on.

2) Input affiliate links

Simply add in your links, but you need to make them clickable. Make sure that you don’t blatantly put in the affiliate links saying, “click here for more tips.” No. You give them he info they were looking for, and you tell them saying, “I know these tips helped you out. I hope you get to etc. Want to know the #1 secret to etc etc? (affiliate link)?”

Anything along those lines should get them wanting to click on it. If it’s a video sales page, it works great because you can always tell them, “Check this video I saw.”

When you’re done making the PDF, save it to your computer.

3) Make them clickable You just need 4 pages or more to make it clickable.

Make this a goal so that your links get clickable no matter what. You’re done! The tough part is over….you only have to upload this onto your Slideshare account. This is the easy part.

Sign up and then click on UPLOAD at the top right. Attach your PDF file to it, write down all your info about the PDF. Don’t forget to give some good keywords and the description of the PDF. Writing the description The goal should be to put yourself in their shoes. What would somebody in this niche have to read in order to feel compelled to research more about this topic? You’re officially done!

You see, this method works great, but the key really is knowing how to test it out. Play around with all of the titles, keywords, and the descriptions. There is a search function that allows others to find out. You can expect 100+ views in as little as two days just from traffic alone. Know that you can easily do this over and over again.

You can put up as many PDF files as you want. The more you have up there, the more money you could make. Test. Test. Test. Test out different niches, use different content, change up titles, and practice more on your copy.

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