How to Sell Affiliate Products with PPC Advertising

Sell Affiliate Products with PPC Advertising

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This is the perfect time to start your own Internet-based business. It doesn't cost much money and takes time as you may think. We are here to help you grow your business and earn passive income through the internet while living your dream life.

It doesn’t really take a whole lot of knowledge to realize that the internet is the new wave in marketing right now. It is even better than traditional methods of marketing because this method can give you returns almost immediately upon your investment if you know what you are doing and how to best capitalize off of it.

As you can probably imagine, the entire purpose of using affiliation as a part of your marketing technique is so that you can make some money. Below, you will learn how you can make money with affiliation without spending more than you can afford to spend. There are more ways to generate traffic to your website and PPC advertising is just one of them. However, I thought that it deserved more attention on its own as its popularity gets higher.

Affiliate product selling is a great way to make money online

Sell Affiliate Products with PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is a bonus for affiliate marketers because it basically does exactly what it says. When your visitors click on your web pages you will get paid just for the visit. It doesn’t apply to how much stuff the visitors purchase.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common questions about it to help you get an exact idea of what this really is.

What Is Pay Per Click?

Pay-per-click advertising on search engines allows you to choose keywords you would like your site to appear for when a search query is performed. You get to decide how much you are willing to pay each time a person clicks on the search results. The more you are willing to pay per click, the higher your site will appear in the results for the keywords you choose. Because of this, your site’s appearance listing can rapidly fluctuate.

However, this method is great for the marketer that is just starting out.

Which Search Engines Offer Pay Per Click Advertising?

There are literally hundreds of pay-per-click search engines such as MSN, Yahoo, and Google. Generally, the larger the pay-per-click search engine is, the more you will have to bid to get to the top for your keywords. This is why it is worth investigating different search engines to find what it would cost to bid on your keywords and how much traffic they draw in.

The largest companies in the pay-per-click industry are Bing and Google. Google is not a pay-per-click search engine, but it does provide pay-per-click advertising in-text ad boxes to the right of search results it delivers. It also delivers pay-per-click ads to other content sites as well.

One advantage of the lesser-known search engines have is that these search engines can provide lower costs per click to rank for a keyword than the larger search engines. In addition to the general pay-per-click search engines, you may also be able to find thematic search engines that serve your industry or specifically cater to your target audience.

Important Thoughts Before Choosing Pay Per Click Search Engine

One very important thing that you must do when you use pay-per-click advertising is that you must test, test, and test again before you settle on your bid amount. You shouldn’t start off with a major investment before testing the service. Start with the minimum bid amount and see how the search engine performs in terms of the traffic it delivers and how well that traffic converts into paying customers.

A necessary aspect of your testing is having a method in place that allows you to track your return on the money that you have invested. For example, if your goal is to bring in new subscribers to your newsletter, you could direct visitors arriving from your pay-per-click link to a subscription form that is set up just for them.

You can then monitor how many clicks actually result in a new subscription. As such, you will know how much you are paying for each new subscriber.

Before you begin spending any money with a pay per click search engine, be sure they can answer the following questions first:

How many searches are a month performed at the search engine approximately?

  1. What major search partners or affiliates does the search engine already have?
  2. How many searches are generated each month by the search partners or affiliates?
  3. Is it possible to avoid having your listing appear in the results of the affiliate sites?
  4. What fraud prevention and security precautions are in place?
  5. What is the procedure for filing a “fraudulent clicks” report?
  6. Will an account be credited for fraudulent clicks discovered?
  7. Is it possible to refuse to have a listing appearing for searches originating from specific countries?
  8. Is there a term of service for search partners or affiliates that is easy to see? Look for search engines that have very strict guidelines for dealing with their search affiliates.

This is important because you want to be sure the search engine is working hard to prevent fraud among all of its affiliates.

While search engine optimization can be an intensive and time-consuming process that requires a complete site overhaul, pay-per-click advertising is fast, easy and a much more exact science than search engine optimization.

Pay per click search engine advertising offers so many benefits that overshadow search engine optimization such as the following benefits:

  • You only have to pay for visitors to your website whereas most banner and rich media ad campaigns that are purchased on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis.
  • Pay per click programs only charges you when someone actually visits your website.
  • You get the chance to reach worldwide consumers during a time when a consumer is using a search engine like Google to look for information so that you don’t have to interrupt them while online in order for you to get them to visit your site.
  • You get the advantage of Precise Targeting that will help to get Target people who are looking for your products, services, and informational content regardless of age, sex, income, or other classifications.
  • You can easily control your expenses when you use pay per click because you know exactly what you are getting for your money. If you receive visitors from the marketing campaign, you’ll pay a price that you get to determine for each visitor.
  • Rapid testing and feedback from pay per click advertising can be instant if you use one of the pay per click ROI tracking or campaign management tools. You’ll know exactly how well your investment is performing in real time. It just doesn’t get any easier than this.
  • You get the advantage of having a Rapid deployment that is complete with ROI tracking is very fast to set up and can be up and running in 15 minutes. There are no banners (and associated costs) to create and haggle over; simply write some text ads and get them up and running.
  • The affordability that you get with pay per click is awesome whether your monthly budget is $20.00 or $200.00 you can use pay per click advertising to grow your business.
  • Not only can you be up and running in 20 minutes, you can reach a global audience quickly and easily, particularly with Google Ads.

Pay Per Click Search Engine Basics

When you set up an account with any pay-per-click search engine advertising program your ranking for each keyword is determined by the amount you are willing to pay per click (your bid). The higher you bid, the higher you will rank.

You do have the option with search engines like Google to set a different bid price for each keyword. If you are a small business with a minimal budget to invest in pay-per-click advertising you’ll probably want to take a guerrilla approach and bid low on keywords that your competitors have overlooked.

If you’ve got a larger budget than that it can be best for you if you start with higher bids because then you can collect some conversion data and evaluate the direction your campaign should take a little bit faster.

The best pay per click advertisng network

Google Ads (Formerly Google Adwords) – Google ads is by far the best choice right now for pay-per-click advertising; in part, because it is the most popular search engine in the world. When you take part in the ads program you have the option to not just search engine advertising but also Display advertising which is good for brand awareness ads campaigns. Also you can do audience retargeting on Google partner ads network and YouTube.

Next thing you know, you can be up and running an ad with a worldwide advertising test campaign.

When you use Google Ads you are not buying placement within the actual search results because you can’t, but you can purchase text ads in the little-colored boxes that are located on the right-hand side of the main search results. The ads that generate the most revenue for Google will quickly rise to the top.

Like the pure pay-per-click search engines advertisement, you only pay Google when someone clicks on your listing no matter how many times it is displayed. For now, go check out the tutorial on how to set up a Google Ads Account.

Bing Ads – Massive Reach on Bing Search and YAHOO!

Bing is the second largest pay-per-click advertising network after Google. Both Google and Bing Ads are very similar when it comes to how their ads platforms work. Because Bing Search is the default search engine on Windows PC and Edge Browser, it has a small but strong market share. You can start with a small ads spend budget like $20. You can also get a $100 Bing ads coupon if you are a new advertiser.

Facebook Ads – Facebook Ad is not like paid search engine advertisement platform. Facebook is a social media platform, using Facebook ads campaigns you can target your audience based on their interest instead of using keywords targeting on search engines. Facebook ads have a big audience and data about their users. You can make your ads campaign super-targeted but when it comes to conversion rate Search engine advertisement (especially Google ads) is much better.

New Advertiser with a small ads spend budget prefer Facebook ads because it is very easy to set up ads campaign on Facebook, a higher chance of getting your ads approved, you can start with a lower budget to test multiple ads campaigns at once.

Other PPC Ads networks: Just like Facebook, all other social media like Twitter, Pinterest, etc have their own PPC ads campaign platform. There are very similar to each other. You should choose any other social media based on your audience demographic for example Pinterest is a website mostly used by women. So If I have to advertise beauty products for women then I will do ads campaign on Pinterest.


In this article, we have explored the different types of PPC advertising, and have given examples of how you can effectively use PPC campaigns to sell affiliate products. Although the article is focused on the PPC advertising available through Google Adwords, the same techniques can be applied to PPC advertising on other advertising platforms too, such as Facebook Ads.

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