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Make Money With Instagram

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Did you know that there are Instagrammers who are actually making money using Instagram? Just like those who use YouTube or Blogs or even Reddit to produce content that inspires others to follow you, Instagrammers have following. Reach and influence, something that many companies these days wish they had. As an Instagram user, it gives you the opportunity for multiple streams of income.

How To Make Money With Instagram

How Many Followers Do You Need To Be Successful?

There are many schools of thought on that. It depends on the niche that you are for instance and if you have set it to be monetized with products that are popular (simply look at top hashtags for ideas). Also, it is not good for your followers to come by once and not engage with you.

Otherwise, they will never see your products. The same goes if your followers are fake. Not only will they NOT engage, but they will eventually drop off and you will have to start over. So what the good is that right? That is why you should stay away from the sites that encourage you to buy followers. Best way to get lots of followers at a short period of time is Influencer Marketing, well it is not rocket science anymore.

Nowadays anyone can hire Influencer to promote your products on their Instagram account. yes, this method costs money it depends on Influence and your products niche. Hiring Influencer for a Promotional post is called Instagram Shoutout and you can purchase Instagram shoutout from our Marketplace at low cost.

While it is true that those with thousands of followers can make a nice bit of money with every EVERY post they make, even if you have a smaller following, you can still make money as long as they are engaged. The school of thought is you need 1000, but no one is certain, it might be less.

Methods to Make Money

  • Create a Sponsored post for companies that want to reach your audience.
  • Become an affiliate for a product related to your field.
  • Create and sell your own physical product.
  • Create and sell digital products.
  • Sell your photography.
  • Create your online course
  • And so much more.

Make Money as An Instagram Influencer

Now an influencer is exactly that. Someone who has a large following, answers questions, shares advice and helps people, so they have an influence. Many brands can take years to get there or not get there at all so they need the service of an influencer.

So you could have 500 or 1000 or 100,000 but you have one thing that the brands need that you don’t have, an audience who trusts you and will hang on every word you say. So be selective about the brands you choose to work with. They will be selective about you as well.

Make Money With Instagram

What To Charge

Being an influencer involves creating content – a posting or a video and also giving permission to the brand to reprint said content on the brand’s website. These are usually very flexible and involve either a single post or entire campaign, in exchange for payment, a freebie, a gift, publicity, etc. And remember you are NOT just offering content, but also access to your followers. The average rate for advertising can be between 200-400.

How To Find Brands To Work With

Now the larger you are the more they will want to work with you so they will be finding you. However, you can also find brands that have a similar voice or vision to yours so that your followers don’t feel that you are “coming out” and just giving you money. You can try to reach them directly or list your self on one of the Instagram networks like Instazood where you can sell your Promo service just like selling products on Amazon. If you are ready to start making money by selling shoutout to brand or marketer than sign up to ShoutCart  Shoutout Marketplace to list your profile and shoutout services.

  1. You can use the ShoutCart network to buy and sell shoutouts to let others know that you are out there. Good to use if you have a small network. You can buy shoutouts for as low as 10$ across many varied categories.
  2. FohrCard — Connect Your Instagram, blog and social profiles to a network or “card” that displays your social media profile and audience levels to businesses that are shopping around for a partner.
  3. Grapevine – If you have 5000+ followers you can list yourself in the Grapevine Network that also works with YouTube and Twitter followers.
  4. CrowdTap – Create top quality content. Get gift cards, samples of products and more. IndaHash – Download the App from the Google APP store. Put up your profile to have people finding you.

Let your audience know when content is sponsored. Use $brandname to let your customer know it is sponsored.

Make Money as Affiliate

  • Clickbank – a wide variety of programs that offer affiliate marketing.
  • Amazon affiliate program – a wide variety of physical programs and books for you to have access to.
  • RewardStyle – An invitation-only – fashion and lifestyle influencer network.

Sell with a plan, use all the social media tools at your disposal, especially Instagram, a website and more.

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