How Inbound Marketing Can Help Generates Leads

Your prospects, customers, and partners are living in a world of digital content.

Written by Sophia Young

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A steady flow of leads is a marketer’s dream scenario, especially if you are in a hyper-competitive market. Inbound marketing should be a priority in any team, with the ability to nurture your visitors throughout their entire buying cycle. Effective content strategy can come from strong inbound marketing efforts too!

Your content is a strong indicator of how powerful your marketing can become. As it fuels your lead generation, the right content can put out the right message at the right time. Here’s how you can use your inbound marketing to power content that can generate the leads you need.

process of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content

What Is Inbound Marketing Anyway?

Before we learn any strategies, it’s important to clear the air with the right details. Inbound marketing is, as the name implies, any marketing process that leads a target audience without interrupting their buying process. This also includes content marketing, where you use content-based methods like social media.

Much of marketing is all about content today. It can combine everything from email to paid advertising. It makes the lead qualification process much shorter than traditional techniques, as it is a disruptive way of building a connection. The operative term here is “disruptive” rather than “interruptive.”

Disrupting a customer’s process means you’re directing their attention towards your funnel, challenging the current status quo. Interrupting it, however, is an entirely different thing, as interruption creates a pause – a type of reflection that makes them think. You don’t want them to think, but rather go with your marketing funnel.

Start Building Organic Traffic

One crucial step in pushing your inbound marketing to power your content is to focus on SEO-driven strategies that generate organic traffic. It may sound traditional but getting organic search traffic is powerful. It can maximize qualified leads and create a consistent sales funnel.

Once you start building organic traffic, directing it towards an opt-in form that generates email subscribers. From here, you could start building a better way to integrate your audience. Content with real value like guides, email newsletters, or value suggestions should help them convert to your marketing.

Creating engaging, compelling content and creating a variety of touchpoints is foundational to your success. Maximizing social media channels as a way to direct your target audience through your products and services is essential to get your piece of the pie.

Create Valuable, Engaging Content

When it comes to inbound marketing, creating value through your content is the way to generate more leads. The bigger question, however, is how you create value with your marketing. It’s easy to say that you need to create something valuable and engaging, but how?

Whatever niche you belong to, the first answer is to focus on solving other people’s problems. Customers are likely on your pages because they need a solution for an issue. You want content that is useful, easy to digest, and considers the needs and wants of the audience.

What are the frustrations of your target audience? What is something your clients have always complained about? Be an expert in your field, relying on creating insightful information that will help overcome their problems and frustrations.

At the same time, tell a story. Create content that is both relatable and interesting. You want your message to come across without losing them within the fanfare of your tale. Use SEO tools as well to provide the proper keywords and see which ones perform well.

Leverage Videos, Livestreams, and Webinars

Content is not limited to written material like blogs and landing pages. Depending on your products and services, videos, live streaming, and webinars are effective business content that generates more leads. In many situations, video content can even be more powerful than written content.

Video content provides rich ways to engage your audience and tell them your value proposition. It is a solid opportunity to understand the drivers of your visitors, learn their comments and suggestions, and offer them a good deal with your products.

Create videos that show off the value of your products and services. During live streams and webinars, engage with customers directly and know how to listen. There will be pertinent questions that they will ask, which is a marker of interest. Be sure to answer their question through your expertise.

As you can’t have all the expertise out there, you can also have colleagues and other experts as guests. You want to find a webinar partner that complements your products and services. Try to maximize your promotional tactics to further promote the webinar, including paid advertising, discounts, and giveaways.

Curate An Industry-Specific Optimized Landing Page

To a digital marketer, among the most valuable resources for inbound marketing is contact information. It can take a while for customers to opt-in, much less for them to buy your products and services. To make the most out of it, you would want to set up industry-specific landing pages to help convince them even further.

A carefully curated landing page optimized to bring in leads can be a useful way to integrate customers into your sales funnel. Using strong, industry-specific content on your landing page can be a compelling way for your target audience to buy-in.

For starters, you want a strong, clear offer that empowers customers. You want something simple, easy to digest, and with consistent on-brand messaging. You would also want to make the best of your buttons, using contrasting colors and straightforward calls to action.

In addition, you can add several other elements that can make your value proposition more convincing. These can be testimonies and social proof, which can help create a modicum of trust. You can also try out different landing pages and perform A/B testing to see which copy converts the most.

The Bottom Line

Effectively leveraging inbound marketing to fuel your content takes time and a good amount of work. Lead generation is a powerful process that should combine smart content strategies to build customer trust and loyalty. By disrupting a customer’s buying cycle, you can integrate them into your sales funnel and convert them to your side.

Try our suggestions above and you’ll be more than pleased with the results. A sound strategy should help your business grow, as well as generate more leads. Optimizing your inbound marketing takes a bit of time but if you do it right, you can assure sturdy traffic as well as consistent sales.

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