7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Its Mobile App

Written by Araix Rand

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According to Statista, mobile internet usage worldwide has grown to nearly 50%, and it’s still growing. Mobile apps are now an integral part of almost every business, it doesn’t matter how big or small niche you are in. Everyone has opportunities to develop a mobile app and market their audience directly. If you have your website or blog, it is indeed that you can benefit from having your own mobile app. The cost of mobile app development depends on usability, required features and the audience you serve.

If you think the mobile apps are only for the big corporation, then you are mistaken. Nowadays, having a mobile-friendly website is not enough, many small and midsize businesses are following the mobile trend because they understand that effective and marketing strategies behind mobile app marketing.

If you are not certain how mobile app can help you to expand your reach to mobile users. And build the direct relationship with your audience, Here are the top 7 Reason why you should have a mobile app for your website or blog.

1. Anywhere & Anytime

People check their mobile phone more than 100 times every day, and they are attached to their mobile phone. We make choices based on what is easy and mobile phones provide us with short-term dopamine, so we keep our phone close to us and use it all the time whenever we want.

If the user has installed any business app on their mobile phone, they are more likely to open the app whenever they find spare time. Your app can be anything from providing educational information to entertaining, getting inside your audience’s pocket and staying with them all the time. It’s like being with your audience 24/7 which you will not get with just having a website.

2. Your Mobile App Is Your Direct Marketing Channel

It depends on your niche and purpose of your mobile app, the user can communicate with your business directly through their mobile. Mobile apps not just open the door to have direct communication with your audience, but also give you the option to market directly like sending a push notification or retarget your app users with other mediums of advertisement. For example, a web browser serves as a middleman between your website and visitor, but the app doesn’t.

3. Helps Your Business Build Brand & Recognition

Just like your website, you can make your app stylish, colorful, or informative and as you know that your website is your brand presence, it speaks to your audience about your message: what problem you solve, why you stand as a business and how you solve the problem.

The more often your customer gets involved with your app, the soon they will buy your products/services. You must have seen already that website recommends users to download their mobile app more frequently. For example, If you go to amazon.com using your mobile device, amazon.com will show you the popup to download their app.

4. Better Content Delivery

Your website loading time on a mobile device can be slow because of many reasons, like the visitor is opening another website in a different tab or downloading a file. A mobile app will help you to store basic information about your business, which user can see even they are offline. Many website designs include JavaScript, CSS files to make websites stylish, but apps work differently. That is because all script files are stored locally and loading app page is like opening an RSS feed in your web browser (RSS feed is a faster way to access website content).

5. Builds Customer Loyalty

It also helps in capturing valuable customer data and insights for targeted marketing campaigns.

In the age of digital advertising, all companies are fighting for their audience’s attention. A mobile app can truly build loyalty while making a true and sincere connection with your customers. The audience will stay close to your business, and just a fingertip away at all times.

6. Boost Revenue

Nowadays, the mobile is the wallet for consumers, and they are used to buying products and services using the mobile app. Your mobile app can include a products catalog and the capability to track orders or see order status at any time.

7. Affordable Costs

The cost of app development is not expensive as may you think. You can hire a freelancer to develop an app for your business if you have a small budget, or work with an app development agency to get better design and features. App for a WordPress website or blog will not cost much because there are many tools available online which do an impressive job at converting WordPress websites into an Android or iOS app.

Wrapping up

Investing in a mobile app for your website or blog can yield long-term benefits, saving you time on content updates compared to maintaining a website. Depending on the nature of your app, it can sync seamlessly with your website. Mobile apps have their industry, and publishing your app on platforms like the Google Play Store can provide a competitive edge over your rivals. Please don’t hesitate to comment below if you need any clarification, as I would be more than happy to assist you.

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