How to Automate your Instagram account without getting Banned

How to Automate your Instagram account without getting Banned

Instagram users have grown to 800 million monthly active users and it is still growing. There are opportunities to build an audience and do business on Instagram. In this articles, I am going to give you tips and tricks on How to automate your Instagram account without getting banned.


Why Automate?


Every social media has there own limitation and it takes time to build an audience as same with Instagram app. Instagram app is not just photo sharing app but it has grown to a massive social media platform where brand and influencer are using to connect with their targeted audience. In order to grow on Instagram you have to post content regularly and engage with your audience which takes time to do manually and because of Instagram only support app to post content.


What is the best software to automation Instagram account?


There is much online software which comes with their own pro and cons. The biggest cons of Instagram automation is to put your account in the danger zone to get banned by Instagram. But If you follow the right advice on automating your Instagram account then you will harness the power of social media marketing on Instagram and grow faster.


Introducing Instazood


Unlike any Instagram bot, Instazood is backed by Machine learning which prevents your account from getting banned on Instagram. Instazood performs automation under Instagram limitation and it is a safe automation tool. You can use Instazood to Post and Schedule your content like photo, album, videos, and story using any web browser. Instazood has also automation tool like auto like, comments, Direct message, follow, unfollow and repost other users content.


How to prevent from getting banned on Instagram?


All social media company don’t like automation because of their revenue come from advertisement, It means they only make money if you spend time on their platform. The reason they allow limited automation of their platform because of Business who want to post content or manage social media accounts more effectively. Below are tips you can use to prevent your account from getting banned on Instagram.

1. Use a Dedicated Proxy address

Each time you log in to your social media accounts like Instagram, your IP address is recorded for security purpose, but you can use your Instagram account on more than one Ip address at the same time. Dedicated or Personal Proxy address work as any lp address and it will give an extra layer of security because of Instagram record Ip address to stop spam on their platform.


2. Stay below limitation

Instagram has the limitation on how much follow and unfollow you can do every day, and like and comments on other users content. But there is no limit on how much content you can post on Instagram. They use limitation to fight spam and keep their app and website working more efficiency. Limitation of your Instagram account depends on how old and numbers of followers you have. Below is the Limitation on Instagram.

  • You can’t follow more than 7500 people until your numbers of followers cross that line.
  • Follow and unfollow speed is 160 per hours
  • Likes and comments on other people account are 300 per hour
  • Hashtags limitation is 30 per post


3. Don’t Spam

As I mention before that Spam is the only problem of getting your account banned on Instagram. If you use an Automation tool to post and schedule content, your account will never get banned. Auto follows, unfollow, like, comment and DM come with caution and you can pervert your account from getting banned if you use automation tool efficiency.

I mean use an Automation tool to post an engaging comment (Not advertisement) on other people post and like other people content only if it is related to your niche. DM only your followers and don’t include a website link in your DM (refer them to Bio link).


4. Be unique

Lots of Instgarmmer use repost other people content method which only works in short-term. You can make your account unique by posting only original and niche-oriented content (I know it is difficult to follow). The Instagram algorithm is used to find the most engaging and unique content to feature in explorer page and stop spam. It will also help you to prevent your getting banned.


How to use Instazood to automate your Instagram account


Instazood has all the feature you need to grow your Instagram account with machine learning capability to stop your account from getting banned. If you don’t have Instazood account, you can sign up here and select Timezone, Date format and Time format.

Below is the review of Instazood and how to use it correctly so your account will rock without getting banned.


Post and Schedule Content on Instagram


You can use Instazood to post and schedule unlimited content (Photo, album, videos, and story) on Instagram without worrying about getting banned. There three taps on Post section inside Dashboard 1. Image, 2. Album, and 3. A story, with preview content feature on the right-hand side.




Automation on Instagram is only good if you use the right tool and follow the right advice. Below is automation feature on Instazood and how to use those feature.


Auto Like, Comments, Follow and Repost: Trigger Auto like, Comments, follow and Repost campaign based on hashtags, username, and location.

  • Hashtag trigger will perform an action only if there is new content posted on Instagram using your selected hashtags.
  • Username trigger will perform an action if selected users post new content on their profile.
  • Location trigger will perform an action only If any Instagram user tags your selected location in their post.


Auto Unfollow: Auto unfollow feature has no trigger option, unfollow action will perform randomly based on the speed you select.

Auto DM: You can DM new followers using random message saved in your account.

Automate your Instagram account

Now it is time to monetize your Instagram account, and I know you have already found out what to do next. Take a time to share this article on your social media platform and comment below, your experience on automating your Instagram account. Thank You!

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