How to Buy Shoutouts on Instagram in Your Niche

Written by Araix Rand

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Are you looking for influencer in your niche to promote your products? Well, you are in a right place. As in my previous articles, I wrote about how to find Social media Influencer on Instagram, and in this article, I am going to walk you through making a final deal with right Influencer in your niche.

Find Influencer

1. Find Influencer Directly:

You can find Instagram influencer using the Instagram app.

Go to the explorer page and search for keywords relevant to your niche, browse the top posts and click on profile name to see influencer profile. There you have to identify influencer based on your ideal niche influencer, the number of followers and engagement rate.

List all of your Influencer then do little research on Instagram, there is a tool called SocialBlade where you can see influencer growth over time which will help you to prevent fake influencer.

The second way to find influencer using the Instagram app is to go to your ideal influencer page and click on down arrow button to see related account suggested by Instagram.

Instagram Infleunecers Marketing
@Garyvee on Instagram and Related account

2. Find on Marketplace

Shoutcart is the best Instagram marketplace to buy Shoutout at low cost. You can browse the profile of Instagram influencer in “Browers” page (After login), select your niche or categories and other option to find right influencer, click on their name to see more details about the influencer.

shoutcart review and alternative
Influencers Directory

Most important thing is to notice is Engegament rate and number of followers on the Influencer page within Shoutcart. You still have to do research on Influencer to prevent fake influencer, you can use Socialblade to do research on Influencer Instagram page and look for growth over time. is another marketplace like Shoutcart. It is free for limited access. You can browse lots of Instagram Influencer. will give you more details about influencer. Take a look at their profile page on and see their previous work, engagement rate, influence on social media and cost.


Even you find influencer on Marketplace, you can still reach out to influencer directly and negotiate on shoutout deal. Always ask for a discount or first-time offer. Say them that you will buy more shoutout If you get a better price.

Average price on Shoutout is $162.64 according to, some Influencer is price, other costs you very small amount. It depends on the Niche and Influencer.

Below is reach out Template to hire Influencer to do promotion post (Shoutout) on Instagram.

Hi [Influencer Name],

My name is [Your Name] and I am the owner of [Your Business Name]. I am currently in the market for an Influencer to help me promote my products on Instagram, and I came across your profile. I want to hire You to make occasional posts on your profiles about my products. If you are available for the job, let me know your rate per post so I can draft a contract for you to review.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank You!
[Your Name]

Make Final Shoutout Deal

Influencer Marketing Shoutout deal
Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash

If you are using Marketplace like Shoutcart then buying shoutout will be painless. Working with directly required you to do more research on Influencer and negotiate the best price for the shoutout, take a look at What to look when you are purchase Shoutout on Instagram.

Influencer Marketing only works well if you work with right Influencer, so do research on Influencer before purchasing shoutout.

What problem are you facing on buying shoutout on Instagram or any roadblock on Influencer marketing? Please comment below.

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